If you were to walk into my home, the first thing I would want you to notice would be the smell. If I were to bring you the sweater you forgot at my house, I would want you say it smelled like our house. If I were to wash your favorite shirt you left at my house, I would want you to say it smells like my laundry. If you were to ride in my car, I would want you to pick up on the scent of leather  If I were to pass you by, I would want you to notice my scent.   These are my scents.  Part of what makes me who I am.  Part of what make my home my home.  Do I expect you to love my scents because I love them, absolutely not.  What I expect is for my scents to evoke emotions and memories of me, my family, and my home. 

Scent is a powerful thing.  Did you know your sense of smell plays an important role in your day to day decisions, emotions, and memories.   Studies have shown that you can remember a scent with 65% accuracy after 1 year while visual memory sinks to 50% after only a few months.  The smells we experience throughout our lives play a crucial role in how we associate with memories and places.  Think about it, we’ve all gotten a slight whiff of a scent that instantly takes us back to an old, forgotten memory…The smell of hamburgers frying in the well seasoned cast iron skillet at Grandma Maggies, the smell of the fresh sheets at Grandma Darlenes, the smell of a fresh box of crayons in kindergarten, the smell of White Linen perfume,  the smell of Sand & Sable Perfume, the smell of an old acquaintance, the scent of the library where I spent hours studying in college, the scent of my babies, the smell of the ICU with Pamela, the smell of the soap in the NICU with Lexi & Maggie, the smell of a sheep barn…all of these distinctive scents sink into your brain and stay there forever.

As you can tell, scents for me, are very important.  Scents make me happy.  Scents deepen my emotions and experiences.  For instance, it’s Fall, which makes my sense of smell go into overdrive.  The smell of the fall air, the first frosty morning,  the smell of the farmers harvesting their crops, the smell of a bonfire, apple pies, cinnamon and nutmeg, apple cider, burning leaves, baking apple and pumpkin pies, fall candles, the smell of sweaters when you first bring them out for the season…all of these scents are making this season so much more than it would be without my sense of smell.

Do you have a “signature scent”?  Often, I am asked what scent I wear.  Like everything else in my life, I change my scent often but it’s always got similar basenotes.  I like deep, warm, cozy, and complex scents.  I will give you some of my favorites and I want you to do the same.  I love hearing the things you like too. 

STEPH’S FAVORITE SCENTS (at this moment)

Fall Candle:  1803 Candles – Pumpkin Hollow; Crossroads –Hot Apple Pie Candle; Yankee – Apple Pumpkin Candle

Car Scent:  Scentsy Weathered Leather or Yankee Leather (the cardboard one)

Laundry Detergent:  Tyler Candle Glamorous Wash – Diva (for sheets and towels)  I don’t like laundry scent on my clothes. 

My PerfumeTocca Colette…I could go on and on about this perfume.  It is absolutely amazing.  It’s one of those scents that smells divine on every woman, but in a different way.  I have 5 women around me who all wear it and while I love it on each of them, the scent is different on each one.  It gets a lot of compliments when worn, it is not to harsh or heavy of a smell.  All of these things make it the perfect fragrance.

So now it’s your turn…tell me your favorites.  It does not have to be all, just one, a few, or many…Just share.  You may have a favorite scent I need to try. 

Tomorrow is going to be a very cold one here...so it will most definitely be sweater weather!  Come see us in the store tomorrow. Mom, Lexi, Model Kortney, and I will all be working the store.  We would love to serve and style you!  Be sure to head over to our dear friend, Cyndi Spivey's Blog Post today...I think she has a special deal for you...wink, wink! www.cyndispivey.com

Love and Many Blessings,


Lexi had her Fall Senior Photo Session with the uber talented Nathan Loker/Loker Photography on Thursday Evening. Couldn't have asked for a better sunset or sky.

Today was one of our big photo shoot days with "all hands on deck".  Fall merchandise is rolling in at speeds and amounts you cannot even imagine. Excited for you all to see it.  
~And yes, Kort is completely being a goofball waiting her turn, I just happened to capture the moment.  

What I Wore - Ahh-Mazing Long Shaper Tank, Poncho Type Sweater (from GF last fall), Pant - Annie Hyper Twill Skinny Jegging (LOVE!!!), Boot (similar here), Madeline Hoop Earring

Here are some of my favorite NEW ARRIVALS from this week. www.glamourfarms.com (loving the new obi belts, so easy to style and very slimming)

A little inspiration to leave you with from my very favorite, Kari Jobe. Please be in prayer for Kari and her family at this time as they are dealing with some pretty difficult stuff.