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Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a little bit shocked that Summer is upon us. Where has the beginning of this year gone? I feel like we were just unwrapping Christmas gifts yesterday!  As I have told you before, my oldest daughter graduates this year and I am holding on tightly to every second I get with her.  No matter if she goes near or far, once they graduate, things just change. That's a fact of life.

On a POSITIVE NOTE, for Lexi's graduation gift she gets to go on a "girls only" trip.  This is something she has asked to do for the past two years.  And guess who she wanted to go with....ME!!!  And her bff Carrsan, Aunt E, and Nana!  I would say that's a win-win for a whole lot of us! :)  We have traveled quite a bit with Lexi over the years, but she has not been to Mexico and that was where she wanted to go.  I thought I had the trip all set to go and it fell through at last minute.  I always see these things as "Gods's intervention" for us not to go! we are back a Step 0 and we are to leave May 16.  This is where you all come in.  We really, really need your help to find somewhere to go.

Where do you think we should take her? Like I said, she would prefer Mexico...Cancun to be exact, but I think she would be open to anything and anywhere.  We would like all inclusive.  So what I want to hear from you, is your FAVORITE places and RESORTS you have been to. 

Here's things she wants included:
            ~White Sand
            ~Blue, Crystal Clear Water
            ~Fun Activities Around The Pool/Beach (music, etc)
Here's things I want included:
            ~GOOD PRICE!  Somewhere that is nice and a good deal!!  We have a lot of traveling to do this summer with sheep shows, and I need to try and be conservative!
            ~Comfortable beds
            ~Good food choices...I am very limited on what I can eat, so it's nice to have good food options.
            ~Good Entertainment in the evenings..shows, etc

I would absolutely love to hear your suggestions of where we should travel for her Senior Trip.  We would also love to hear  your tips on the best excursions,  local spots selling the yummiest must-try food, incredible photography spots and unforgettable experiences.

So, take a moment to think about it and then please share your thoughts with us. Who knows, we may just pick your spot....AND IF WE've got a BIG PRIZE COMING YOUR WAY!!!! 

Tell us where you think we should go for Lexi's Senior Girls Trip:

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Can't Wait To Hear From You All!

Love and Many Blessings,

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