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Someone I Would Like You To Meet...Our Annie

Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

Hello Glamour Girls!  I hope tonight's blog post finds you all doing excellent.  All is well on this end.  Just a bit busier than I would like, but hey...that's life, right!??!!  We have spent two weeks prepping for a big show we have coming up tomorrow in Champaign, IL.  We are going to be set up at the Working Women's Expo, which is held in the Fluid Events Center.  Yesterday we had the opportunity to go on Champaign's local TV Station, WCIA/CILiving,  to promote this big event.  Very thankful for these type of opportunities.  We love being able to share our heart and passion for what we do with other women. 

When we do these type of shows/events, often we are asked "what makes your boutique different from the rest?" And, I am not one who likes "cliché" answers AT ALL...or answers that  are vague.  But, I felt like sometimes we would all give "cliché" responses to this question, out of habit or even humbleness.  BUT...on the way to Champaign Mom, Elizabeth, and I started discussing what it is the makes us different, and while we came up with many things, I will just touch on the main points.

  1. GOD. He is everything to us and in every part of our business.  NO...we are NOT PERFECT, and will never pretend to be.  But we all know one thing for sure,  HE is our CEO.
  2. Our Diversity - Mom, Elizabeth, and I. We each have our own, very different God-given gifting and that is a huge part of our success and what makes this whole thing work.
  3. Style, Fit, and Age - We service women of all ages but many of our customers are age 30-60. We have worked very hard to design clothes for "REAL WOMEN" of all shapes and sizes.  AND...we love the "southern chic" look.
  4. Our Customer Service - Customers are everything to us. Period.  We strive to go over and above to please our customers and make them feel important and beautiful.   We know that sometimes it can be overwhelming and frustrating to find clothes to fit or look good.  We have trained stylists on the floor in the boutique to help combat this frustration.  BUT...for those of you who cannot make it to our store...we have our VERY SKILLED Customer Service Rep, Annie.  This is the lady you call in and talk to on the phone or email  She knows our clothing inside and outside and can dress you over the phone...and does this all day long!

Speaking of Annie,  this is just who I wanted to introduce you to tonight.  Annie had been with us since the VERY beginning!  She started with us in my parents basement.  She was a friend of my sisters and with a little coaxing, she decided become a part of our dream.  Annie began on the store floor as the head stylist and floor manager.  Once our online business took off, we moved her to head our Customer Service Department.  And she does an amazing job.  Ladies, I am not kidding...if you have ANY questions, call her, text her, email her.  She is excellent at what she does and loves working with our customers, helping them find their own style and putting outfits together!


Full Name:  Miranda Ann Zimmerman

Nickname:  Annie

Family: Ian (19) Kamden (16) Makina (15) Donnie (12) Ava (7) Bentley our dog and Harold the fish and the late Flopsey our rabbit "best pet ever"

I Live In:  Louisville

My Role At Glamour Farms:  A little bit of everything, but my main job is Customer Service and working with Inventory.

The Best Part About My Job:  I get to work with all my favorite people and have been given the opportunity to meet some amazing women through the Boutique and over the phone.  Plus my my job changes daily, so I'm NEVER BORED! lol!

I'm Inspired By:  All of the amazing women I work with daily and some very special customers, Pam Brown and Aleshia Henderson.

I Never Leave Home Without:  My makeup bag, but that's because I'm never fully ready when I get to work!  And a can of Coke to start my day.

My Favorite Snack:  Red Hots and Sunflower Seeds

On The Weekend You'll Find Me:  Baseball games in the summer, hanging out with my kiddos, and Church on Sunday with my family.

My Favorite Movie:  This is TOO HARD!!!  My family LOVES going to the movies!! :) Seriously...movies are in the budget! Here's a few I can watch over and over and actually have: Little Mermaid, Toy Story, All The Avenger Movies, The Warrior and Lincoln Lawyer, and of course anything that is based on a true story.

If Calories Didn't Count, I would eat Everyday:  Cokes and Red Hots...oops, I already do!! lol!

My Theme Song:  "Fight Song"

If I Could Wear One Color Everyday For The Rest Of My Life:  BLACK

If I Were Stranded Somewhere For The Rest Of My Life, And It Was Not At Home, It Would Be:  Anywhere with my family, preferably Tennessee

My Best Quality Would Be: I work great in the midst of chaos.

The Quality I Would Like To Change About Myself:  I'm always quick to react and I am not very patient. As I have gotten older, God has been working on me to "Be Still".

My "Must Have" Item At Glamour Farms:  Ahh-Mazing long shaper tank in black and our skinny jeans/jeggings "Elizabeth"

What Glamour Farms Means To Me:  Family, Getting To Serve, and My Happy Place!

I LOVE:  Being a Mom.

My Favorite Scripture:  Jeremiah 29:11 and Galatians 6:9


Annie is a SHOE LOVER!!!!  So she asked that we give you a deal on shoes.  So all shoes are 20% OFF!


USE CODE: ANNIEPICK (valid today-4/25/16)

Wishing you all a very good remainder of your week.  If you get a chance and you are in the area, come by and see us tomorrow night at the Working Women's Expo in Champaign.  We've never been, but have been told MANY TIMES it's the hottest ticket in town! :)  If you cannot make it there, come see us in the store this weekend.  We've loaded the store full of New Arrivals.  I cannot stress enough how much I am loving every single item that has arrived for spring/summer.  Probably my favorite group so far.  

With Love and Many Blessings,





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