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Hello Glamour Girls, Jesus Girls, and Fellow Fashionistas!  Welcome to our new Glamour Farms Fashion Blog! I’m, buyer, stylist, and now blogger! This blog is something we have wanted to introduce since the beginning of Glamour Farms, but "life" kept getting in the way!  I came to work today and decided TODAY was the DAY!  I think so often as busy women (moms, wives, workers, church leaders, teachers, housewives, taxi cab get the picture) we always think  the "perfect" time with come along for things to happen, well it never does!  So, here it goes!  Just like everything I do in my life, I am jumping in with both feet and away we go! 

 I will be sharing styling tips for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages.  I will also be sharing make-up tips from time to time...I'm slightly obsessed with make-up! You will learn about our families, the store, and our "chaotic" life!

 I love fashion, beauty and styling women. I love helping ladies feel beautiful inside and out.  It's my passion to see a lady smiling because of how a "good fitting" outfit  has made her feel...usually something "she" thought "she" could never wear!

 As women, we MUST stop waiting for the day we feel like we look good enough to truly feel good about ourselves...stop comparing ourselves to other women, stop complaining about the things we cannot change, and start LIVING! A Jesus Loving, Well Dressed, and Smiling woman is a beautiful and happy woman.  So let's begin this journey together...are you ready?!

 Love &  Many Blessings,


This is Me, Mom and My Sister Elizabeth. We all own the store together and are the reason Glamour Farms works so takes each of us.  We each bring something different to the table.  People tell us ALL OF THE TIME we should be a reality TV show, not sure that's a good thing or a bad thing!  For now, let's say good...haha!

A picture of us together is HARD to get.....stay tuned tomorrow I will be telling you about our outfits. 

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