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Happy FRIDAY Glamour Girls! Fall has been in the air…well, kind of on and off here in Illinois. With Fall being my very favorite season, I have been dying to start wearing some of our fall clothes. Most days I am all about comfort, but still want to look "put together" and stylish. Fall is the best time of year to embrace leggings, tunics and boots….and plaids and over-sized sweaters and hoodies…obviously I love it all!

Today, I am going to introduce you to each of our fashion personalities, which pretty much sums up our personalities period! And yes, these are our own picks.  Not just outfits to “style” for a photo op! We wear all things GF…and love it!


I fell in love with our Curvy “Anything Bows Tunic” immediately! The eyelet lace bottom is pure perfection in my book! While the top of this tunic is a simple piece, the bottom lace adds the bit of southern sass that I love. It's the perfect length to cover your backside and to wear with our Ahh-mazing leggings and Ahh-Mazing Tank Long Shaper.  I COULD NOT and WOULD NOT live without my Ahh-Mazing Leggings or Shapers.  Most days these are the base to my outfits…easy to wear and easy to style.  I travel a lot with this job and it makes packing a breeze!  Although, these do come in CURVY, I wear the Missy Size.  Our Missy Shapers Fit Small-XL and our Curvy Shapers fit 1X-3X.  I also styled the “Anything Bows Tunic” with my new favorite Fall (kinda cowboy) boots.  Comfort is huge to me with my shoes and our Rawhide Western Boot was perfect: perfect height on the leg, perfect heel height, comfortable, color perfection, and fringe detail…need I say more! The more the better is my motto for accessories (go big or go home my motto to everything in life). I styled this with one of our long cross necklaces and fun earrings available in store.

Had to share each of our "goofy" pictures. We were photographed separately and all had quirky expressions. So for fun, I thought I would share them :)

Now, it wouldn’t be the “real me” if I didn’t point out the one part of this outfit that I’m dying over.  The first thing I noticed in the pictures…the cone boobs out to the sides.  Yes, this is not something I love to talk about but it’s a must.  Ladies, this picture should be all you need to see to realize the importance of a GOOD BRA!  Here’s the story…due to having some health issues over the past few months, I have lost weight, well it left my “top” area first.  I usually have great bras, but I had to stop wearing them because they got too big.  Anyway, I have broken out my oldies.  Well obviously I now know from this picture that the old adage “oldies but goodies” does not apply!  This bra needs to find the trash can immediately!  Ghaaa…why did my mom and sister not tell me?!  I blame them fully…haha!  (I was going off about my disbelief that not one of my "friends or family" told me how bad the bra looked and a very dear friend....sent this lovely pic to me so I had to share)


Elizabeth is wearing one of the HOTTEST fall trends….plaid!  And not just any plaid…vintage plaid with pearl snaps…eek. It's just so easy to style and literally goes with everything. A plaid tops’ abilities are endless and layering possibilities are the ultimate for fall! 

I must say though, sometimes plaid speaks for itself and looks just as fabulous and effortless standing alone with a favorite pair of denim and ankle boots. This is usually Elizabeth’s mindset when styling her clothes…pretty simple and “clean”.  She’s always able to be simple, comfortable and stylish without much thought and fuss to her outfits.

Elizabeth styled her “VINTAGE PLAID” top with some of her favorite jeggings (similar) and our new Patience Fringe Boot…which is also on my “must have” Fall footwear list!

Elizabeth's "I'm feeling CrAzY" face she makes often :)


Life can get insanely busy and our calendars complicated. We are always in a rush with the families, work, dinner, errands and all the added appointments/commitments in between. It's refreshing to be able to put together a style that is timeless and appropriate for a busy week or even a laid back weekend.  This outfit works just for that!

Mom styled one of our very favorite “casual” tops for Fall…You’re Mine Top.  Absolutely perfect top to throw on and go!  She styled it with her favorite “Elizabeth Skinny” Jean and our very popular Whitby Boot. 

Mom’s style is simple and classic.  Yes, every once in a while we get her into something out of her comfort zone but usually you will find her dressing very classy.  Actually I love her style, my love of clothes and fashion came from her, and my Grandma Georgia...I just like to “bling” mine out a bit. Lol!

Mom, being goofy showing off her "back side".

Hope you all have a very good weekend. This one is a bit busy for our family. One of our dear family friends is marrying the love of his life tomorrow. So, that is where we will all be… watching a new love/life evolve.  Call me crazy, but I love wedding ceremonies. I love how the groom looks “in awe” when he sees his bride for the first time. I love all of the unique ceremony rituals couples use and I love anything they do to make it personal. It's the one day where getting emotional has an excuse.

And LOOK who is back for the weekend...MISS CARRSAN!!! We are so excited to see her! She left us and went away to college to start her own career in Fashion...we miss her soooo much, but so ready to spend the weekend laughing with her!  And in this photo, on the left hand side is our Thomas...if you have ever called in to Glamour Farms or sent Facebook messages, Thomas is who answers the phones, does customer service, and wraps and mails all of your packages. Sadly, today is Thomas' last day at Glamour Farms.  sniff.  sniff.  He has decided to further his career in the banking world.  We love him dearly and will miss his sarcastic, witty sense of humor that kept us all rolling daily.  On a personal note, he was my partner in crime, my sidekick.  Not sure what I will do with him gone.  Trying not to focus on the sadness and focus on being happy for him and this career move.  It's not goodbye, it's until next time! :)


Love and Many Blessings,

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  • I am so excited your blogging!

    I always love hearing your wonderful styling & makeup ideas!
    Your the Best!

    Amy Meinhart on

  • Love the blog Steph!?

    Jennifer Murray on

  • Steph-this is going to be a wonderful blog for so many ladies!!!! I can’t wait to share it with all my friends from afar! You go girl!
    And Thomas—you will be missed.
    Good luck with whever God is taking all of you – he sure is guiding you to great places.

    Melissa on

  • So happy to see your writing a blog. It’s nice to get to know more about the GF’s family. I love your selection and everything I’ve purchased. Awesome customer service! Little did I know it was a gentleman wrapping my purchases in that cute leopard print paper. ?Great job Thomas!

    Lori on

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