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Finding Your Personal Style

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What’s your personal style?  Are you Classic?  Are you Romantic?  Are you Trendy?  Are you Casual?  Are you Boho? Are you Glitzy?  Or do you even know what your style is?  Did you know that the way you dress says a lot about you?  It tells the world who you are.

Now, let’s be real, for some women it seems that finding their own unique fashion style or signature style is easy. However, what you may not see is that they've spent years creating and fine tuning their fashion style, most from a very young age. Through trial and error and the willingness to stand out and/or make a statement, they have learned what works for them, what doesn't, and how to incorporate each season's trends without compromising their own personal signature style.

I was one of those girls constantly pushing the limits of style and fashion at a very young age.  On weekends, for our “girls day out” my mom would take us to Resale and Thrift Shops.  This is where my personal style and unique fashion developed.  I was able to use my wildly creative imagination and express myself through my clothing. I began mixing, matching and playing with all kinds of styles.  Some I did OK, and some where just plain terrible!  I remember in 6th Grade…the awkward years, I would go to school in vintage plaid blazers with elbow patches, men’s white tees, my jeans rolled up and booties.  Yes, NOW, this may sound somewhat fashionable, but I promise you, it was not then!  By my Freshman Year, I was trying more of the Boho look. I had an obsession with florals and bloomers.  So I designed, picked out the perfect floral fabric and had my Grandma sew me one-piece bloomer outfits.   Let me tell you, I definitely stood out.  I didn’t care; it was me…my unique style and personality.  Did my peers get it, no not usually, but I was ok with it…I was confidant in my style.  Again, was it always spot on….absolutely not, but it was mine, it’s what made me unique.

At Glamour Farms we all know finding your own personal style can be a struggle.  If we were to ask a large percentage of our customers what their Style Personality is, chances are, they would have no clue how to answer that question.   But, it’s important to figure out what your style is.  It makes you unique and tells people who you are as an individual.  And…what works for you may not and probably will not work for your best friend.  So, that being said, it’s vital you develop your own style, not one copied from those girlfriends right around you.  Now, I have to follow that with saying, I am the QUEEN of copying others and asking my friends where they got specific items, and going and  buying  them.  But , I put my own personal spin on them.  That’s what sets my personal style apart from those around me.

 Here are tips to help you begin to develop you Personal Fashion Style:

  1. Look For Inspiration.  (what does your eye gravitate towards?)
    1. Celebrities
    2. Style Icons
    3. Bloggers
    4. People Around You
    5. Magazines
  2. Look At Your Own Closet
    1. Have a closet full of striped tees/tops/tunics? There’s a reason your closet has an excess of certain items.  You were drawn to them.  They made you happy and comfortable.
  3. Develop a Pinterest Board – “My Personal Style”
    1. Pin outfits you like…this will help you see what “styles” you PIN most often.
  4. Follow Fashion Bloggers
    1. Great style and fashion inspiration
    2. Good for “put together” looks
    3. My Favorites (a few of them) – but they may not be yours!
      1. Grace + Beauty (
      2. One Little Momma (
      3. The Pleated Poppy (
      4. Get Your Pretty On (
      5. A Southern Drawl (
      6. StylishProfessor (on Instagram)
      7. CMCOVING (on Instagram and
  1. Be Confident
    1. Be comfortable in your own clothes. Confidence affects your attitude, posture, and the way your clothes appear on you.
    2. AND…your SIZE does not matter, but your confidence does!
  2. Know Your Personality
    1. Your personality is a big determiner in finding your Fashion Style.
  3. Know Your Body
    1. So important to dress according to your body type!!
  4. Don’t Be Afraid
    1. Think and dress “outside the box”.
    2. Try new things…EXPERIMENT!!
  5. ASK FOR HELP!!!
    1. Come in and see us at Glamour Farms
    2. Email me anytime
    3. Call in and talk to ANNIE (618)665-FARM (3276)

Annie has been with us since the very beginning of Glamour Farms.  She came to us as a customer when we were working out of our parents basement.  Annie felt she had no style and felt she was not good at putting things together.  Actually she was very wrong...she was just lacking the confidence she needed! She was quite good at styling and had an excellent sense of fashion…so much so, we asked her to go to work for us when we opened our bricks and mortar store, and the rest is history!  Annie has helped style many of our In-Store Customers over the past 2 years and is now spending her days styling our Web Customers.  How does she do this?  She takes phone calls all day long and helps customers who struggle with finding what’s right for “their fashion style” and “body style”.  She listens and gives great suggestions and puts outfits together over the phone.  Annie absolutely LOVES doing this and LOVES talking to our Customers on the phone, so NEVER hesitate to call in and talk to her!

This is actually Annie talking on the phone today to one of our Customers!  Elizabeth was attempting a Photo of Annie and the phone rang and she took the call outside and Elizabeth snapped away!  

Annie showing off her "Fashion Style".  This has been her favorite dress so far this Fall!  She has styled her Gone With the Wind Tunic Dress with one of our Ahh-Mazing Long Black Shapers and The Moni Flat in Red.


I hope you all have enjoyed learning about your "Personal Fashion Style"!  Now, go out and figure out what yours is!

Don't forget, this week IN-STORE and ONLINE we have 20% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE and FREE Scarf with Purchase...It Harvest Blessings Week!  If shopping ONLINE, use code: HARVEST20

Love and Many Blessings,

SEE YOU ALL ON FRIDAY!  Same Time, Same Place!!





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  • I found your website through through Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.My peronsal style is somewhat classic but I want a little flair here and there. I’m 50-something and don’t want to buy things that should be worn by younger women so I never know really what to buy. I certainly don’t want to look dowdy either!

    Becky on

  • thank you for an awesome blog post!

    Claudia Florendo-Salinas on

  • I feel that my style now is bohemian casual with some glitz. Haha. Im just a hippie but i love to splash some bling with a statement necklace or some adorable earrings. Im such a girly girl but i feel because im in school i keep it lowkey and more mellow. Jeans tee and toms are my everyday pick. But i love to try new styles.

    Claudia Florendo-Salinas on

  • Love, Love, Love reading all of your comments above ladies! Thank you for reading and responding!!!

    Stephanie Harrison on

  • I love to wear dresses with my leggings and boots! For work I have to dress business casual because I sit on the floor and play with children for an hour then off to other house for another hour! With the leggings I can dress up and look cute but still able to be down on that floor with my families I work with! I think that it’s a new business casual dress! I also love the jean that are colored because I can not wear blues to work but I can wear the colored jeans! I hate dress pants they are cold in winter and heat in the summer! I like to say that my dress is Comforty Business Professional!

    Amy Walters on

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