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Friday Night Follies

Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

Ok, Ok, Ok, I know I'm late with tonight's post, but it's just been one of those of those weeks! Actually today/tonight, I have been busy "FALL-I-FYING" Glamour Farms, with the help of our dear friend Pam McKnelly.  She's crazy talanted at outdoor decorating!  She's the kind of friend that's always there for us when we are swamped and need to call in our "friend recruits" to bail us out!  We all need those kind of friends in our lives!  Love her and her family dearly.

I hope you all have had a great week.  I for one can say I am glad to see this week go.  I’m ready for a new week and a fresh perspective.  Yes, I know attitude is all up to me, but to be honest, mines kinda stinky right now.  As mom always says, this too shall pass...and it will!

Tonight, I am going to answer some of the questions you all have been emailing me about.  I’m LOVING talking to all of you…keep the questions coming!  There were some questions that have been asked numerous times, so I decided to answer a few of them for all to see.

1.  How do you wear the Ahh-Mazing Long Shaper Tank

~Ladies, I wear this thing every day!  I would NEVER EVER go without it.  I LOVE MY LONG SHAPER TANK!!!  I know many of you think it looks really long, but it’s really not.  VERY reluctantly, I took a picture of myself this morning in mine…what I do for our customers!  And you have to realize, I am a very self conscious person, so this is very rare for me!

Here I have it "scrunched up" a bit, which is how I usually wear it.  Or I pull it down A BIT, a let it hang out the bottom to make the shirt appear longer...that's a styling trick to lengthen the body.

And here it is with a Black Top and my Poncho over it.  (poncho online soon) BTW, see all those bags laying in background???  That's 3 of my makeup bags.  And I have more!  Yes, I might have a problem! 

2.  What is your favorite mascara?

~Right now, I am obsessed with tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara.  I love mascara and lots of it! This mascara is wonderful and it does not BURN MY EYES! It definitely looks better when used heavily, and makes lashes look feathery and full when applied in layers.

3.  How is your hair cut, colored and how do you style it?

 ~This was probably the most asked question, which is very funny to me.  My sister, Elizabeth, is the hair girl!  I’m the make-up girl.  I do love a good cut and color but as far as fixing my hair, I’m just blessed with a lot of hair that kinda does its own thing.  BUT, I promise I will give a more detailed “HOW TO” at a later date.  And the cut is an asymmetrical cut.  P.s.  I’m a hairdressers worst nightmare…I’ll explain that at a later date too!

4.  How is it to work in a family business with your mom and sister?

~Bahahahahaha!  Ohhhhh, if you could only be a fly on the wall some days around here.  As I think I told you before, we’ve had many people tell us we could be a Reality TV Show!  No for real, and I am being 100% serious, there is no one and nothing else I would rather do than work together as a family.  I love it and would not change a thing.  We all compliment each other and could not do it without the other one.  We are a team.

There you go!  Some of your “most asked” questions answered.  If you have more, like I said, feel free to email me!

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Love and Many Blessings,




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  • Nice blog , i love it ;)

    rhonda on

  • Oh Angie! Thank you so very much! I would have loved to meet you! Email me anytime, I’m here to talk and help!

    Take Care,

    Stephanie Harrison on

  • Oops the last part of my post was to be ?

    Angie O'Neal on

  • Love your blog Stephanie.. My daughter Paige and I had pleasure of meeting Elizabeth when we drove there from Newburgh, Indiana.. We loved it and Paige loved the tour we were given..I was sorry I didn’t get to meet you because I wish you could help style me.. I am 44 and struggled with my weight all my life.. Your clothing and style is exactly what I love.. Just know I as a Curvy lady appreciate the work you are putting into it.. May God continue to bless you ?

    Angie O'Neal on

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