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Ladies, today is one of those days I am just going to be very real and transparent with you.  I try very hard to be a positive person and a “glass is half full” kinda girl, but some days I just don’t have it in me.  Icky days and weeks are a part of life that we all have to deal with.  No one is exempt. We all have to deal with betrayal, unfairness, pain, disappointment, loss, life struggles, body image issues, health concerns…you get the point.  But it’s how we respond and react that defines who we are.  And this, my friend, is easier said than done.  I completely understand that. 

This last week has been a rough one…I will not go into the boring details, it is what it is.  We’ve all been here.  To someone else my problems would seem trivial, and they kind of are, but none the less, they are on my mind 24/7, keep me awake at night, and make me a bit “grouch-i-tee”, as I like to call it. 

Last night as I was reading a blog entry of a friend of mine, life was suddenly put back into perspective.  Seriously, not more than 5 minutes later, Elizabeth was texting mom and I that we needed to read this Blog Entry from Lindsey…guess it spoke to her too!  It’s funny how God does those things at just the right moment to WAKE US UP!  Lindsey Lash is an amazing woman of God and she and her family have had their fair share of struggles this last year.  I would love to tell you all about it, but I would rather you find her inspirational blog and read them all for yourself.  She truly knows how to make you keep life in perspective.

Please Go Here and Read This Blog Post – It’s EVERYTHING I needed to hear and hope it speaks to you too!

Hey wait, you couldn’t have read that blog post already!  Go back and read it my friend, it will speak to you!  I promise.

Now on to my favorite subject of the moment…FALL!  I am trying hard to take fall in completely.  Trying hard to enjoy every day of October.  This weekend, I continued decorating at Glamour Farms and I added some Fall Décor to the outside of my house.  I’m a PUMPKIN LOVER, so it’s pumpkin overload everywhere you look! 

Cute story…yesterday, mom and Halle (Elizabeth’s little one/age 3) walked up to my house…well Halle drove.  I was not home and Halle ran all over the house looking for me.  She then decided I was probably sitting on my front porch, so she flung the door open and looked out there.  Well I was not there but she declared that “Aunt Stephy has the most lovely surprise ever”.  She was so excited by the Fall Décor on my porch.  Funny thing is it was a cardboard box full of stuff I hadn’t had time to do a darn thing with yet…again it’s all about PERSPECTIVE!  To Halle it was absolutely, lovely decor. To me, it’s a sign of more “undone” things in my life that I don’t have time to finish!  Love that girl, so much!  Love both of my nieces and nephew.  Time spent with them is precious.

Here's Halle driving her car.  Notice her dog, Gus, looking like he may wanna jump...I don't blame ya Gus.

Tonight, I want to know more about you.  Please comment on these below…I read every one of them!  Actually, I love reading them. And if you comment, you will be entered into a FALL GIVEAWAY!! 


Favorite Fall Outing: Taking a day and driving to Brown County, Indiana or to the Covered Bridge Area of Indiana.  Love, love, love FALL DRIVES.  I love seeing the leaves in all their glory.

Favorite Fall Tradition:  Our town Fall Festival, Family Weiner Roasts, Hayrides, and Trick or Treat Night with our Family.  (we never go out, we stay in and give out candy and fix a big meal and invite family to eat, visit, and pass out candy with us)

Favorite Fall Smell:  Wow, this one is hard.  I love scents and I love my home to smell good.  My favorite would be Warm Apple Pie, or Something with Cinnamon in it.

Favorite Fall Memory:  This one is hard, too many to write.  But, it would probably be our town’s Fall Festival.  Our town is very small and so is the Festival.  But it’s a tradition, it’s comforting.

Favorite Fall Clothing:  BOOTS/UGGS!!! And sweaters, sweater cardigans, jeggings/leggings, vests, scarves...the list goes on and on. :) Tons of CUTE NEW ARRIVALS this week!  I"m not even so much of our FALL STUFF coming in!

~I hope you all have a wonderful evening.  And I will see you all here on Wednesday.  As always, if you need anything, email me!
Many of you are using this to communicate with me...I love it!  

Love and Many Blessings,

Here's the kids on their horse ride yesterday.  Beautiful day for a ride!

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  • Fall is definitely my favorite subject of the moment, as well! I’m just like you, I enjoy October and enjoy the decor. The “undone” things in life are all so connected to me! Once I begin something, it seems like there isn’t a finish. But I guess leaving the box full of decorations on the porch is alright in the long run, my kitties still have a good time rummaging through the boxes and tearing it apart!

    All Things Fall!

    Favorite Fall Outing: Honestly, I love to travel but even in my hometown it’s wonderful to just walk down the street and watch the yellow and red leaves fall. Sometimes they even get stuck in my hair! Hearing the crunch of the leaves just makes the walk that much more enjoyable. The weather is nice and the outing is beautiful!

    Favorite Fall Tradition: For the past five years, the fall tradition is my household is the NEA Fair. Each year the weather seems to be drastically cooler and it makes the fair that much more enjoyable. Every year I bring someone along to join in on our tradition and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. What’s better than carnival rides, lemonade, funnel cakes, dusty shoes, and petting zoos?

    Favorite Fall Smell: This one took me by surprise! Ha! In my room I enjoy the smell of Apple Cider, Mulled Cider, and Wild Berry Cheesecake wax melts! If you haven’t tried the BetterHomes Wild Berry Cheesecake, I definitely recommend it! It’s become my favorite! Cashmere Woods and Pure Vanilla Joy is also two of my favorites! As far as scents for me, I prefer Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Sensual Amber from Bath and Body Works!

    Favorite Fall Memory: It was my twelfth birthday and I remember the details vividly. It was Halloween night and my birthday was right around the corner. That night I had a few friends over, there was a bonfire, and we roasted hotdogs and had anything a birthday party would have! The night was enjoyable— we were still young and my friends and I gathered onto the trampoline and read stories from one of my all time favorites for October, Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark. It was a night I wouldn’t forget. I remember it was my twin, Christy, Kayla, and Sarah all on the trampoline and there was a tiny hole in the trampoline and we jumped and jumped until we split the trampoline down the middle. It had to be the funnest night we had in a while! Keep in mind, we were no older than 10-13.

    Favorite Fall Clothing: Clothes are my favorite in general! I love all fashion, trends, fads, you name it! When I have friends over and they try rummaging through my closet, they just give up because they cannot budge my clothing so they can see what all I have, whoops. Hands down fall is my favorite season! I definitely have cuter clothes for fall than I do for summer. Flannels, dresses, scarves, booties, and long cardigans are my favorites for fall!

    Oh, wow. This was detailed, whoops. Enjoy reading Stephanie!

    Chelsea Watson on

  • Fall Outing would have to be taking my son to the pumpkin patch and letting him pick out his pumpkins. My favorite Fall Tradition is decorating for Halloween with my son and husband and having our yearly Haunted House. My favorite Fall smell is pumpkin pie or maple sugar. I try to stock up on the wax tarts in the fall so I have them year around. My favorite memory would have to be from when I was a kid. My Mom and Dad used to take us kids to a huge haunted house and then every weekend we would go driving and looking at all of the decorated homes. We haven’t done that since I was 13, when my Mom and Dad divorced and my Mom had her first heart attack. I would love to get together with my Mom and siblings and go one last time before it’s too late. My favorite clothing is plaid shirts, hoodies, jeans, boots and scarves. I love being able to wear a long sleeve shirt and jeans and be comfortable, not hot nor cold. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it.

    Stephanie Ours on

  • outing-pumpkin patches!!!! Tradition – carving pumpkins!!! Smell – apple pie/cinnamon. Memory – Halloween parades/fall festival. Clothing. Boots!!!!

    Brandie Beckham on

  • fall outing: we love to load up on the weekends and go on a drive in the country. Me and the girls sing and probably drive Shane nuts…but we are making memories!
    Fall tradition: each year we go to the fall festival to get all of our yummy food must haves and enjoy driving the fire truck in the parade as we have done for many years now
    Fall smell: right now I have been burning the most amazing smelling candle from bath and body works called Carmel pumpkin swirl and I am in love!!!!
    Fall memory: my birthday is the middle of October and I can remember in grade school having some of my close friends over for wienie roasts and cake! My dad would always have a fire going when we got off the bus!
    Fall clothing: I love my cozy boots and hoodies!!!!

    Stephanie stortzum on

  • Love reading Lindsey’s blog!!! My heart goes out to her & her wonderful family every time I read them. She is a real woman of God through the good, the bad, & the very bad. I think I have tears in my eyes almost every time I get to read just a piece of their lives. Some tears are sad ones when hearing what they are going through, but some are joyful tears when seeing her baby’s amazing smile & hearing Lindsey’s inspirational words.
    Now on to my fav fall things for you….
    Fav outing is taking our kids to the pumpkin patches. It’s so hard to have time for just our little family, so these memories are precious. Fav tradition would be the Louisville Fall Harvest Festival & parade. Fav memory is the birth of my sweet Alyvia & seeing how God used her very short time here to touch so many. Fav smell is anything of warmth & pumpkin. Fav clothing is warm comfy stuff….sweaters, leggings, sweats, soft vests, & boots.
    Loving your blog Steph!

    Nicole Lewis on

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