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Why My Bath Time Is The Bees Knees

Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

“I am sure there are things that can’t be cured by a good bath but I can’t think of one.”— Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Calgon take me away...I find myself saying that a lot...raising a sassafrass pre-teen daughter, an overly sensitive 17 year daughter, a too quiet Norwegian daughter, a wish he was more quite husband, a dog who suffers extreme separation anxiety, 4 cats I brought home cause they were furry and cute (now wild and not so furry or so cute), a golden retriever who wants to live indoors due to being deathly scared of almost everything (storms at top of that list) a chaotic-booming business...yeah you get the picture. ;)

 Ladies, there is absolutely nothing I love more than the comfort and relaxation of a warm bath…or a hot bath.  Yes, I know a hot bath is not supposed to be good for you, but it’s good for my soul.  And to me, that’s all that matters.  So many reasons I love a my bath time:  the quiet time, the jets, the clean smells, the warmth…ahhh, I just love it.  As much as I love a good bath, I love even more the PRODUCTS that I use in my bath.  So tonight I will be sharing my bath time essentials. I’m the first to admit I have a serious addiction to bath products….well all products for that matter!

I have terribly dry skin, and this body wash has been a life saver!  My skin is much softer, and I get a much closer shave.

I love, love, love this razor!! If you don't have it, go get one now!  Life Changer.

When I actually take the extra step to use a Shave Cream, this is the one I use.  LOVE!  And very moisturizing.

I switch my Shampoo and Conditioner up a lot, but right now this is my current fave.  Love that it does not weigh my hair down, but even more than that I LOVE THE SMELL!!

Since I have very dry skin, I use this immediately following my bath.  I apply it when wet and then pat it off with my towel.  I usually add an essential oil to it for scent purposes.  I'm a scent gal, if you haven't already figured that out!

This has set by my tub forever and will be by my tub until the end of my time.  This is what I use to remove my eye makeup.  LOVE x's 1,000.

So there you go, there's an overview of my favorite bath products.  That's a small sampling.  Sometime, I'll go over some more!  And show you a picture around my tub, you'll understand my PRODUCT ADDICTION!  

SO tell me, what's the ONE BATH PRODUCT you can't live without???

Love and Many Blessings,

p.s.  I love my family to pieces...just sometimes I need a good, long, hot bath to cope! ;)

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  • Oh my goodness!!! In one of my husband and I’s apartments we had a garden tub! It was amazing! I took many baths in the 6 months we lived there! And I can’t say I had one favorite thing because I was always buying something new to throw in the water to exfoliate and what not!
    But I will say I cannot live without my Mary Kay oil free eye make up remover and the microdermabrasion set!

    Terah Jo on

  • I haven’t taken a bath in a long long time (3 kids 2,4,&6). So I’m not up on any products etc. so I’m going to say silence would be product enough for me!

    Hilary Conder on

  • Too funny! I, too, love the Bath and Body Eucalyptus Spearmint for morning showers. For a night time bath or shower I like the Bath and Body Lavender Vanilla. The pillow mist smells nice, too. On occasion I switch my shampoo as well. I feel like my hair “gets used to it” and doesn’t have the same volume that I like.

    Traci Rose on

  • My favorite bubble bath right now is Bath and Body Works eucalyptus and spearmint, very relaxing.

    Jill Cox on

  • Being a single mother of 2 and working full time makes it near impossible to have time to soak in the tub. When I do, I LOVE using Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint bubble bath/body wash. So relaxing. ????

    Stephanie on

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