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The Do's & Don'ts of Booties and Jeans

Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

In the Midwest Fall is in full swing.  Boots are flying out of the store and off the web quicker than we can order them.  I've stated before, Fall is my very favorite season for so many reasons...but one of the biggest being the gorgeous, generous, cozy clothes. To go with those clothes, every girl needs a good pair of boots or in this case Booties!  If you are new to Booties, I understand they can be intimidating.

It's hard knowing how to wear a Bootie and a Jean.  We are asked this from our customers all of the time...even our models struggle with how to wear them during our photo shoots.  Hearing ladies struggle with this concept is what prompted tonight's blog!

When Booties first came out, I thought there was no way I would ever wear them.  It was just not a style I cared for or one that I thought would be flattering for my body type/height.  Well after a lot more research and seeing them on everyone, I decided to give them a try.  The first time I wore a pair of jeans with ankle boots, I struggled with the right length and style and cuffing. I've worn ankle boots for over a year, and I still struggle sometimes with how they exactly should be worn. After I have gotten the hang of the proper way to wear, I style them all of the time!  If you see me in the store I almost always have a pair on.  I'm hoping after tonight's post, you'll style them more often too!

Tonight I am going to go over the DO'S & DON'TS of how to wear Jeans and Booties.

I will begin with the DONT'S:

Ladies, please do not put your skinny jeans over your booties!

Do not tuck your skinny jeans inside your bootie...this looks too bunched up and does not look finished.

These are a bit hard to tell since it was a dark denim, but DO one small cuff with a bit of ankle showing.

DO one wide cuff with ankle showing.

DO: double roll your cuff with ankle showing.


Here is a picture from Pinterest with socks for the cold months.  You could do all kinds of fun socks.

More Pinterest examples.

Well, I hope you a learned a little bit tonight.  If you don't have a pair of Booties, please get a pair!  I LOVE mine.  I have too many!  I've done away with many of my tall boots for booties this year!  

We have a lot of cute ones this year go check them out

Enjoy this October weekend fully, do something Fall-ish.  A fall drive, a fall walk, a pumpkin patch, a campfire...just enjoy.


Love and Many Blessings to you all,


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  • Yes you can wear them Darla. Absolutely! I didn’t think I could because of my shape, but I’ve seen them on all ages, shapes, and sizes!

    Stephanie Harrison on

  • Would wearing your booties and jeans like this look ok for someone my age? It looks very cute.

    Darla M on

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