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Glamour Girls Go To School

Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

Let’s talk about our day today.  Elizabeth and I were asked by Mrs. Hamilton to speak to her Textiles & Design Class at Flora High School.  We were very honored to have been asked!  It is always so good to get out of the daily grind and do something a bit out of the ordinary. And we love getting back to our roots...the classroom. Today we covered quite a few topics in our talk:  the importance to looking “put together” each day, simple hygiene “musts”, basic dressing tips, dressing for yourself, modesty, and make-up. 

Here's a very small excerpt:
As women we are taught from a young age to look cute, but not too cute.  Be modest, but don’t look too frumpy.  Look attractive, but don’t be too attractive. If you look “ok” women will like you because you aren’t a threat, but men won’t.  If you look “hot” you’ll get attention from men, but the women will talk.  It’s exhausting to keep up with all of the “rules” we are told.  We learn to conform ourselves to how we want others to perceive us.  It’s becomes a vicious cycle….a vicious cycle that needs broken.  Today.

Ladies, we have to learn to dress for only one person….ourselves.  Do not dress a way because you want other women to think you have it all together or because you want to draw the attention of other men.  Dress for what makes you happy on the inside.  Dress for your body type.  Dress for your personal style.  Be original.   Not a carbon copy.  Ultimately focus on your attitude, how you treat others, how you come across to others, etc and everything else will fall into place.  I promise.

Demonstrating to the class how easy it is to get out of the rut of jeans and t shirts with a few simple basics. to take a basic outfit and style it a lot of different ways.  We took our Elizabeth Jean, Basic Tee and Bailey Boot and made simple changes and created 5 different outfits. 

Myself, Jealousy (one of students..and it's Homecoming week...hence the polka dots on her face), Elizabeth, and Mrs. Hamilton

Mrs. Bible (Head to toe GF), Myself, Elizabeth, and Mrs. Hamilton


Jan: Ava Hyper Stretch Jegging in Black- (Back in Stock SOON!)
Wrapped In Warmth Poncho, Macrame Fringe Boot

Me:  Fur Vest (Coming Soon!), Piko Top (Coming Soon - LOVE!), Stephanie Skinny Jegging, Boots (similar here), ZEN Necklace (I adore these necklaces!)

Elizabeth: Denim Dress (Coming Soon!), Ahh-Mazing Long Shaper Tank and Leggings in Black, Lonnie Boot, Play Misty Blue For Me Necklace

If you get a chance come into the store and see us this weekend.  We have A TON of new fall arrivals in. AND.....the WIDE CALF BOOTS came in!!!!  If you can't come see us, you can always shop with us online  And if you ever have questions, feel free to email me  Or you can always call in and talk with Annie on sizing/styling questions! (618)665-FARM (3276)

Love and Many Blessings,


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  • Thank you so much for your words of affirmation Maria. So sweet. Shari we were honored to be asked. Thank you. ?

    Stephanie Harrison on

  • Thank you for your blog you are so positive and I love how you build women up we are beautiful and it doesn’t matter what size or what the world expects us to be. Love your blog

    MariaElena Fratamgeli on

  • What a fun day! And so many good tips for the girls! Everyone enjoyed!

    Shari Hamilton on

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