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She's Coming Home!

Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

Well, I can say it has most definitely been a MONDAY in my world…One of those days!  I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, yet still feel as if I accomplished nothing!  This all being said, I did not get my “original plan” for today's blog done.  You see, I can barely think clearly today because one of my “daughters” is coming home tonight!  I am crazy ecstatic, but in pure Stephanie fashion, I have waited until the last moment to make sure everything is in place and perfect for her arrival from Sweden. 

Yes, I said Sweden.  Our family has hosted exchange students over the past many years.  It is something my own family did as I was growing up, and I continued the tradition with my family.  Wade and I both feel it is our mission.  Our ministry.  We love it and are very thankful we can open our home to these students. Some may think we are crazy, our life is chaotic being business owners, but guess what, it's our life and it's what we love.  It feels right.  We like it for our girls.  It teaches them so many life lessons.

Anyway, tonight our Tilda is coming home for a visit!  Yay! Yay! Yay!  I couldn’t even sleep last night I was so excited.  These girls come into our lives for a year and they become one of us, a family member, a sister, a daughter and then we have to give them back.  Such a bittersweet experience.  But, thankfully they all come back often.  Ahhhh, I love it.  Love each of them for who they are and their unique personalities. 

Tilda came to us last year with a complete plan of what she expected her year to look like and what she wanted to accomplish while in America.  This girl would stop at nothing to achieve her goals.  She was a firecracker, which is what made her perfect.  We often called her a “hot mess”.  Now, I do believe this phrase gets overused, but if you knew Tilda, you would totally agree with this description for her.  She was the biggest helper I ever had around.  She would see something that needed done and do it 150%. And she was the best big sister.  Not sure Lexi and Maggie always thought so, but she sure kept everyone in line! lol!

When Tilda arrived, part of her “American Bucket List” was to be in a pageant.  Oh sheesh, was my exact thought.  Our town hosts a Fall Harvest Festival and the end of every October, and guess what…there’s a pageant.  Well, I tried to convince her not to run, due to the time it took, money it would take, the “stuff” that would go along with not being from our small town.  You get it.  Well she did it anyway.  :) Let’s just say, I worked with her tirelessly, because I believe in doing everything 200%.  She was a “HOT MESS”. Literally,  up until the night before the pageant. My only prayer was that people would give her Grace because she was foreign! Well, I had forgot one small part.  Tilda could talk to a wall and talk well to a wall.  So she nailed her interview.  Tilda was also quite a story teller…very animated.  She nailed her on- stage speech.  A low and behold, she won the pageant.  CRAZY DAISY!  We were as shocked as anyone.  Well glad she did because now she has to come back home to give up the crown!  Yippee! 

So for the next few weeks, it will be a house FULL OF GIRLS!  Wade may want to run away, not sure he’s ready for the chaos!  Just kidding, he loves it.  He's a great "daughter" dad! This year, we have sweet Torunn from Norway.  I'm excited  for the girls to meet one another and connect.  Tilda will be the big sister bossing everyone around. So prepare yourself, I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to share over the next few weeks.

Love and Many Blessings,

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~Enjoy...lots of GREAT new arrivals.

Words to Encourage You:  It's OK.... (if you haven't heard this song by PLUMB, go listen now....moving)

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  • That sounds like me; doing everything last minutes but we always make it work. It’s pretty cool what your family does. I love how y’all feel lead to this. Tilda is gorgeous!

    Alyssa on

  • Hold on for the ride, Stephanie! Sounds like you are in for a busy time full of love and laughs! Enjoy!

    Traci Rose on

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