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Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

Do you like "bargain hunting"?  I LOVE it! Unfortunately, time doesn't allow it like before, but if I ever get a chance to run into a DOLLAR TREE, I go. It's fun to see what kind of deals I can score. Sometimes it's items I have purchased for much more from other stores. And other times, I find items that simply spark my interest and I just want to try.  I usually head straight to the makeup isle! Many times, they have discontinued items that I still love and I stock up.  

Now, for those of you who have never been in the Dollar Tree or frown upon the idea of it...don't!  It is not a store full of generic store items, sometimes you can find some really good deals! I really enjoy going, just another form of therapy for me. lol!! Here's some items I picked up this week!

When I saw this calendar I knew I had to have it...vintage designs, fruit/vegetables, chalkboard print. Perfection if I do say so myself!

Taco Night:  The McCormick Taco Sauce is AMAZING!!! And I am picky, I usually make my own taco seasoning for taste purposes.  I went back and purchased all I could!  And these flour tortillas are our family favorite.  Growing up we had an exchange student from Mexico and she would make homemade tortillas for us...this is the closest taste to homemade I've found.

Some Staple Items:  Pretzels, best "chip clips"ever, candle lighter, eyeglass wipes, hot pads (like these because they are not too big...easy to handle), parchment paper (I go through loads of this stuff)

Carmex (I buy tons of these to have everywhere....cheapest place to buy them), My favorite mirror (I take these mirrors everywhere...small, compact, easy to hold and they sit up for makeup application), more lens wipes (we wear a lot of glasses in my house), Colgate Wisp (obsessed a bit)

I was a drama/music teacher for many years...hence my love for costumes.  I love to have "quick" things around to make cosutmes.  And I had to get the gloves...cheetah obsessed. And more Carmex.

TOSS the PIG...this just looked like a fun game for my nieces and nephew.  :)

So there ya have "cheapy" finds this week.  So tell me, do you ever go into Dollar Tree? If so, what are your "must haves"?  

Love and Many Blessings,


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  • I don’t go into Dollar Tree a lot but the last time I was there I got a bunch of candy and decor stuff because I was going to try out a DIY. It ended up working and I got lots of complements with spending a bunch of money.

    Alyssa on

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