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Exhausted. That about sums up how I feel after this last few weeks. There's been a lot of "highs" in these two weeks, but my body is ready for a rest...which may never happen.  We have now officially entered THE HOLIDAY SEASON! The best and busiest season in the retail world!  

As I had mentioned before, Tilda, our Swedish daughter, has been with us the last two weeks to give up her Miss Fall Festival Queen crown.  While I completely cherish the 2 weeks we have had with her, it has been crazy busy to say the least.  With our Miss Tilda comes a whole lotta commotion....never ONE dull moment.  My mom and sister, lovingly, refer to her as the "Hot Mess Express". Pretty sure that's the best description ever given to Tilda.  :) She gave up her crown on Saturday with a speech that I'm sure will never be forgotten.  This is the kind of impact she left on people.  When she speaks people want to hear more. She draws you in with her Swedish accent, witty charm, and beauty. Today, Mom, Elizabeth, and I took this "treasure" back to Chicago, as her time has come to an end.  Much too soon.  Watching her once again walk through the doors of that terminal was not a sight I was ready for.  Praying God soon opens the doors to make America her Forever Home, but until then...I will rest up! Lol.

And now on to some excitement...Our youngest daughter Maggie was crowned the new Jr. Miss Fall Festival Queen.  So proud of this girl, not because of a crown, because she overcame a lot of fears and shyness by competing in this pageant.  So yes, we are crazy proud, but more so we are beyond happy for the girl who came out of her shell and let go of many fears.  We were screaming fools when they called her name...we were all shocked, including Maggie, which made the whole thing that much sweeter.

So, there you go. That's our weekend.  I will be back on Wednesday, hopefully a bit more rested and ready to share some more "useless info" with you all! Just kidding!  See ya Wednesday.

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