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Ahh-Mazing Series Part 2

Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

Forever thankful for those who Serve & Protect. 


Good evening, I'm writing you tonight from the road.  We are on our way to NAILE in Louisville, KY.  Lexi's last sheep show of the year. :( In normal Stephanie fashion, I packed like a mad woman, threw "who knows what" in my leopard suitcase, and everything but the bathroom sink in my 6 overnight bags.  Terrible packer, I tell ya, terrible.  And more often than not, I get to my destination with a few missing/forgotten items.  But hey, there's always an excuse for a Target trip.  Anywho....after a 2.5 hour delayed leave time, we are all happily crammed in the truck and on our way.  Part of that sentence is the truth, you figure it out.  

Now usually Wade and Lex travel down on their own and I leave the next day, just Maggie and I.  We take our time, shop and browse all the way down.  Always very relaxing and enjoyable.  Well this year Wade decided, for my health reasons, we should all ride together.  I think it was only a money savings ploy on his part, because us all crammed in a truck is not relaxing or healthy whatsoever!  But it is what it is and we are on our way! 

Tonight's Spotlight Piece in Our Ahh-Mazing Line: Ahh-Mazing Tummy Tuck Ankle Legging

This ladies is our #1 seller at GF!  Like I told you on Monday Night, these suck and tuck in all the right places.  They also are thick enough to hide lumps and bumps.  This is an item that we sell out of in store almost every weekend!  They are very popular! In this legging, the Missy comfortably fits XS-L/Curvy XL-2X.

Style these leggings as you would any legging/jegging.  For a great base for layering, add our Ahh-Mazing Long Shaper Tank.  

Don't forget about our Veteran's Day Sale still going on until 11:59 pm CST.  20% OFF ENTIRE ORDER!!!

Love & Many Blessings,


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