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Oh what a week we are busy prepping for!  This Saturday is our 2nd Annual Black Black Friday...Glamour Farms style.  We are working 16+ hour days preparing for this event.  Can't's going to be so fun!  All of us in one place serving you...with lots of fun extras to boot!

Last time I wrote you we were on our way to Lexi's Sheep Show in Louisville, KY.  It was a very good weekend and Lexi and Torunn showed well.  Showing is Lexi's life.  It's what she excels in. It's who she is.  I love watching her in the show ring.  Such a natural.  I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know her potential most of the time.  This is something she and her dad (Wade) have done together since she was a little girl and it's been such a joy watching her grow up in the show ring.  

Here's a few pics of our weekend fun:


I cannot tell you how much I am IN LOVE with this boot.  I had styled it many times during photo shoots and Mom and Elizabeth both purchased it, so I decided I needed them too!  I am so glad I got them.  They are easy to style and super cute and trendy. A bit southern boho, which is what I love. And the craftsmanship is spot on. I've worn them a few times over the weekend and had many compliments on them.  One thing I really like about them, is that you can style them to your style personality.  Not everyone will look the same in them, which is important. :)  AND...they fit a variety of calf sizes. They lace up the back so you can make them whatever size you need.  And truthfully...the picture does not do them justice.  They are beautiful in person!

Love and Many Blessings,

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