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I'm Baaack!!!!

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I’m BAAAACK!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We did, very low key, which is what we needed. Thank you for hanging in there with me while I took a small hiatus.  It’s PLUM NUTS around here , I tell ya!  No exaggeration at all.  We are all feeling a little cra, cra.  First time we have ran a booming online business during the Holiday Season.  Blessing our socks off, but Oh My BaJesus it’s a handful!!!  And in normal Stephanie fashion, my body couldn’t keep up with all of the excitement.  I eat terrible, sleep to little, and have an icky liver, which causes a terrible immune system.  During the weekend madness I was at home with Strep…or I may have planned that to get out of filling those millions of Black Friday Orders…hmmmm, you decide! :) Just kidding!  I love the madness.  I really do.  That’s where I thrive.  Usually.

So I have been seeing many Bloggers I follow talk about the things they hope to accomplish over this Holiday Season and I decided I wanted to do this too.  Mainly because tomorrow is December 1 and I know I tend to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the season and do not get even a smidge of the things accomplished I had originally dreamed of doing.  So this year, I am going to put them down…for others to see.  Maybe that will hold me more accountable?  Or maybe not, but hey, it’s a step farther than I took last year.  Baby steps, ladies, baby steps. 

Stephanie’s Holiday Bucket List

  1. Get My Christmas Decorations Up Pronto! 
    I did have my tree up, but I’ve already taken it back down!  I am a “real tree” girl, but this year I decided I would do the FAKE THING….gahhhh!  I bought, what I thought was the Perfect Tree, off of QVC.  Well, it came in not near as easy, big, or pretty as they had made it look on QVC.  Their “flowery words” sold me, hook, line, and sinker!  And I ended up with a Charlie Brown looking, way too expensive tree.  I really tried to convince myself that I could “live with it”, but last night I couldn’t take it a second longer.  I was tired of the girls laughing at our “dwarf” tree.  SOOO, reluctantly, Wade boxed it back up and we are back to being CHRISTMAS DECORATIONLESS.  :( So, now I just want my Fall Décor down and Christmas Decor up.  I wish the Christmas Fairy would show up, clean my house and decorate it, looking like it just popped off the pages of Ballard Design Magazine. 
  1. Drive around looking at Christmas lights while drinking hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music.
  2. Bake Cookies and Christmas Candy with my girls and then take to our neighbors.
  3. Listen to Christmas Music EVERYDAY…makes me a happy girl.
  4. Cliché, but so important to me, reminding my girls the Reason for this Season. Have Wade read the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve with my girls.
  5. Go to the Movies to see something Christmas-y.
  6. Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies any time I can! LOVE!
  7. Curl up with a mug of hot cocoa or cappuccino, a fuzzy blanket, my fireplace on and simply enjoy the lights of our Christmas Tree.
  8. Fill my house with the Smells of the Season. I LOVE CHRISTMAS SCENTS!! Anything Cinnamon is yummy!
  9. Decorate the outside of my house. Fill my urns with fresh greens.
  10. Go to St. Charles, MO and just walk the Main Street. Puts my in the Holiday Spirit immediately.  Or Franklin, TN.
  11. Take time to decorate the Gifts for others, like I like to decorate. Beautiful, crafty packages. AND WRAP THEM AHEAD OF TIME!! That way I can enjoy them under the tree.  I'm notorious for wrapping until the wee hours of the morning on Christmas!  Yikes, not a good idea!
  12. Enjoy every minute of Buying Gifts for others. I’m a Gift Giver and I LOVE spending a lot of time picking the perfect gift for others. Too often, I run out of time and end up “just buying”.  I don’t like this at all!
  13. Visiting with my extended family.
  14. Gingerbread House with my girls.
  15. BUCKET LIST FOR ANOTHER YEAR – Take my girls to New York City during the Holiday Season. It is simply magical and I want them to see the sites, feel the magic, go see the Rockettes Live.

Well there you have it, my BUCKET LIST!  So tell me, what is on yours?  What is you Christmas Traditions?  I LOVE getting ideas!  Tell me about it and you will be entered to win a “STEPHANIE’S STYLE GIVEAWAY”.

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Love & Many Blessings,


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