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City Sidewalk, Busy Sidewalk

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City sidewalk, busy sidewalk
Dressed in holiday style.
In the air there's
A feeling of Christmas.

Children laughing, people passing,
Meeting smile after smile,
And on every street corner you'll hear:

Silver bells, silver bells,
It's Christmas time in the city.
Ring-a-ling, hear them ring,
Soon it will be Christmas day...

Such nostalgia in those lyrics.  But exactly how I've felt and what I've experienced  the last few days.  It used to be a tradition for Wade and I to go to St. Louis for my birthday weekend.  But with life getting busy, this was a tradition we had let go.  This year he decided it was time to bring back it back, resurrect it.  I, as usual, was very hesitant, telling him all the reasons I could not get away.  He was not taking "no" for an answer.  And so we went.
We spent Saturday evening in St. Charles.  I had told you last week this was on my Christmas Bucket List, and it was everything I had remembered and more.  Such a Magical Christmas place. We experienced everything from a family from England roasting chestnuts, carolers singing everywhere, reindeer, St. Nick, excellent cuisine, and of course, fabulous shopping.  So quaint.  Now I will say, we were both a bit shocked by the large crowd.  It has grown quite a bit since we visited last, but was still purely magical. 
The rest of our weekend was spent Christmas Shopping. And I think I am almost finished.  That's a record for me...doing it in 2 days! 

I have to say, I've missed my girls and Coco like crazy. This weekend got me thinking...It is amazing to me the cycles in life you go through, when they are babies you want to be home with your sweet newborn every minute, the thought of leaving them almost brings you to tears.  Then that precious bundle of joy turns 2 and you are praying for days to "get away" with your husband or girlfriends.  They then turn 6, step up on that bus headed off to kindergarten and all of the sudden you realize they are growing way too fast and you become clingy again, trying to hold on tight to your baby just a while longer.  They then enter the preteen/teenage years and they pull on your heartstrings in ways  that you cannot even imagine.  It's a roller coaster ride that you better be ready for and have God on Speed Dial.  You look forward to days away for some "peace" in your life.  And then...they enter their Senior Year of High School and the reality of how fleeting time really is sets in.  And sets in big time.  You experience many "lasts" and you realize each day that passes is one day closer to May.  And you hold on tight, tighter than ever.  You want to be with them every second you can.  Life with your almost adult child becomes very enjoyable and you can't imagine your home without them in it.  That's where our life is right now.  I'm a crying mess just writing the words.  It's almost the end of a season and I don't like it at all.  I'm not ready to close this book.  So I say all of this, because it's hard to get away.  I know it's needed, and Wade is good for me, making me do it...and good for my children! They need breaks from the crazy lady trying to cling to every second she can! Lol. is my Birthday and we are on our way home from our weekend away. We are headed to meet our kids at our local Mexican Restaurant.  Their plan.  Mexican is not my favorite, but I could care a less, I'm just ready to be with the girls...and then I leave again tomorrow evening for another trip, business.  sigh.
On another note, I'm exited to say I did get all of my Christmas Decor up last week! A lot of late nights and a few good helpers and we conquered it.  I love, love, love to decorate, so I tend to go overboard.  I will be posting pics on Wednesday, so come back and visit me.

Since it's my Birthday I'm giving $20 OFF of a $50 Purchase at  Use Code: STEPHANIE.  So many cute New Arrivals and our Shipping Dept is getting those orders out "speedy quick" for all of your Holiday needs.

Love & Many Blessings,



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