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Christmas Time Is Here, Carols Everywhere

Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

As promised, tonight I am sharing with you pictures of our Christmas Home. I took all of these pictures in the evening, so some of them are a bit dark, but I think you can still get the idea.  I will try to snap a few daytime photos too. I'm still tweaking here and there, and I've got to finish my outside.  I will take those pictures once I complete (if I ever do!).  If you have ANY QUESTIONS for me at all, please feel free to ask.  Would love to chat!




So there you go, a little tour of our Christmas Home.  This year, I'm loving my bowls with bright, red apples and sprigs of greenery in them.  So simple, but so beautiful.  What's your easy decorating tip for the year?  Please do share.

Here's this weekends project inspiration..we shall see if it pans to follow soon.

Also, I wanted to share some pics with you of our St. Charles trip.  If you get a chance...go!  Load up and go this weekend, I promise you will love it. 


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