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Our Chicago Trip and More

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Last week I traveled to Chicago with Wade on his business trip. He insisted I go with him on this trip, his hope being that I would get some rest.  Well, I behaved quite well on the first day…until noon…and then I was bored…outta my mind bored. 

And here’s how that day played out:

Wade got up and left the hotel early that morning.  I was awake and already busy working on my GF work for the day.  Before he departed he said “just stay here and rest, relax, and get your work done, I’ll come back and get you for our supper reservation.  Be ready to go by 5-ish”.  Ok, no problem, I got this.  And I did have it until noon and then my mind wandered…to Michigan Avenue.  I could just see the beautiful Christmas decorations and hear the hustle and bustle of the city, and smell the scents of the season.  The only problem was, we were quite away from this area. In fact, I had no idea where I was.  That tiny sensible part of me, heard Elizabeth (my sister), “Stephanie, we should not be doing this, we need to be careful”.  But then that other side of me heard mom, “You are in Chicago for goodness sake!  And its Christmas, lots of shopping to be done!”  I liked mom’s voice better that day.  So I listened to her.

With Glamour Farms, we travel a lot.  And we use Uber a lot.  Such a handy, dandy little service they provide.  I just press a button on my phone and my Chariot Arrives…or something like that. :) Sometimes my Chariot is in the form of a 2008 Hyundai Elantra to a Toyota Sienna to a Cadillac XTS...just depends. Anyway, I clicked on the REQUEST AN UBER, they arrived at the front door of my hotel and dropped me off on Michigan Avenue.  It was everything I had dreamed about.  I absolutely love Michigan Avenue during Christmas.  It’s like a scene straight out of the movies.  I took it all in.  I wandered in and out of stores simply enjoying my alone time and looking at all of this seasons latest and greatest trends.  I then spotted my favorite TJ MAXX and that is where the rest of my day was spent.  I am a die hard TJ Maxxinista.  I love looking through every inch of that Gem of a Store.   If you have not been in the TJ MAXX right off of Michigan Ave, you need to go!  It has the very best stuff!  Upstairs is TJ Maxx and downstairs in Marshalls…paradise.  On this day, I found a heaping cart full of perfectly perfect gifts for my family.  I was on Cloud 9, finding things I had been searching for from other stores at a fraction of the cost…and then my phone rang.  It was my Dad…which I thought was a bit odd.  “Stephanie, where are you?”  Umm…in Chicago.  “I know that, but where in Chicago? You aren’t on Michigan Avenue are you?”  Well, I may or may not be, why?  “Chicago is insane right now, you need to be careful!”  Dad, I’m fine, not a thing to worry about!  And we hang up.  And Wade texts – “Steph where you at?”  Now, for Wade to be concerned about anything, is enough for me to worry a bit.  I’m out and about why?  “They are protesting today.  There are thousands of them headed to Michigan Avenue.” 

Hmmm, now coming to think of it, I had noticed women scurrying to get out of the store and even a few women leaving their full carts and rushing out of the store…and I had heard a lot of sirens, many more than usual.  So I should have been more aware that something was up, but I was busy, busy finding treasures.  So I calmly finished my shopping and got in line to check out, deciding I should probably head back to the hotel.  In line, a sweet lady asked me if I was worried about the protesting outside.  I told her my thoughts and she went on to tell me, she had friends who were part of the protesting and that they did not want any violence just to get their point across.  She then went on to say, “but you never know what kinda crazy riff raff decides to show up and protest, just to be protesting and they are the ones you gotta worry about.  So if I were you, I would get back to your hotel and out of this mess”.   I took her advice and headed out.  I called for my Uber, but due to the protesting, the ones in my area could not get to me.  Many were stuck on the streets in the middle of the protesters.  One Uber Driver called me to tell me, he could not get to me, and he advised I get out of the area by walking as far from Michigan Avenue as I could…at this point things were getting a bit hairy and I was ready to be out of there and wishing I would have listened to “Elizabeth” that day.  Finally after walking many city blocks, I got an Uber and got back to my hotel safely.  Phew.   

I made it back safe and sound, got ready, and was ready to go to Supper when Wade arrived to get me for his Business Dinner.  All was good.  We enjoyed the evening at  Benny’s Chophouse, which has wonderful food.  And at the end of dinner, the men visited longer, and I went back to Michigan Avenue with one of Wade’s female colleagues.  The protesting was over and Michigan Avenue was back to all of its Holiday Beauty and Splendor.  If you get a chance, you should go.  So much going on.  So much to take in.  So much to do.

My crazy travel partner.  You are not safe if he is around...he's a "snapping fool". Just waiting to get the next funny thing "snapped".  Usually at my expense!  Our kids are always getting him in less than appealing pictures, so think it's his way at getting back! :)

Here's where I finally got into the Uber on the crazy day. :)


This weekend was Lexi's, my oldest daughters Senior Homecoming.  Her boyfriend, Alex, plays College Basketball and could not attend, so she went with Miss Carrsan, last year's Retiring Homecoming Queen. We are so excited because Carrsan is back from College for over a month, so you will be seeing her In-Store...working the floor and styling you! She is in school (Kentucky) for Fashion Merchandising.  We are way excited to have her back!  

Torunn, our Norwegian Daughter, went with her best friend, Jerick.  

In normal, Harrison family fashion, Lexi and Torunn both had dress mishaps at 5:30. Dance began at 6. So in a scramble, they both ended up in different dresses. Thankfully, we had a few to choose from at GF...girls, girls, girls!

Maggie, my youngest has been busy fulfilling her Jr. Miss duties and loving every second of it.  
Mikayla (models at GF), Paris (aspiring GF worker), and Miss Maggie


In-Store:  We are celebrating with our BIG ANNIVERSARY SALE!!!  Tons of items on SALE just in time for Christmas. AND...we are having our Annual Gift Card Deals!  Come in and see us!!!  Ready to Serve & Style You!
ONLINE:  Our 10 Days of Christmas Daily Deals...along with other deals!  Make sure you watch our SOCIAL MEDIA for updates!


Did you know that even if you cannot come and visit us IN-STORE, we can still talk to you and STYLE you over the phone???  Yep, we can!  It's a cool service we offer you, our customers.  At Glamour Farms, we think one of the biggest struggles we have women tell us is their outfits together or dressing for their body type. If that's you, let us do the work for you.  You can call in during our regular office hours and Annie, our Customer Service Rep/GF Stylist will work with you!  Annie is awesome and knows our product very well.  And if she cannot help you or has any trouble, she will usually always come to me, and it's what I love to do!  Give us a call anytime! (618)665-FARM (3276) and ask for ANNIE.

Love & Many Blessings,






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