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Here is something I read that really touched me and I hope it touches some of you.  If you don't, you should follow Pastor Greg on Facebook.  He hits me right between the eyes many days!

I struggle with rejection, and for some reason, this put it all in a new light for me.  I woke up the next day with a whole new outlook.

Pastor Greg Locke


Handling rejection from anyone can have its difficulties but when it comes from your peers it can be daunting. This reality is especially true if you have the "disease to please". Through the years, I have had friends and colleagues that I assumed would be lifelong and rock solid friendships. However, there are times when certain decisions are made that change the direction of your own life and consequently bring an abrupt end to a once thriving relationship. I caution you here: If that thought makes you queazy and rejection is something that you simply can't handle, then move on past this article. But even deeper, realize how little you'll ever accomplish for Christ. If you don't make up your mind right now that people are going to forsake you, then you'll not be equipped to handle it WHEN it happens. Rather than go into a lengthy explanation on my various transitions and subsequent rejection from friends, I'm simply going to list some principles that these difficulties have taught me.

1. Jesus Himself didn't keep everybody, so don't think you're going to be able too.

2. It's natural to second guess your decision after the initial rejection.

3. You'll create a bitter and frustrated spirit by trying to gain further acceptance and approval.

4. Your walk with Christ is far more important than your walk with "them".

5. God is always faithful to bring about new connections in your life as you mature in your understanding.

6. The people that got you where you are, are rarely the same people that get you where you going.

7. Forgiveness is a gift that you give yourself. Give it and move on.

8. A stable marriage (when applicable) will serve to be one of your greatest tools for healing.

9. If you keep dwelling on rejection, the pain intensifies and true healing never comes.

A.W. Tozer said, "It is doubtful that God will ever use a man greatly until He hurts a man deeply". That is an extroidinarily difficult truth to accept but without a doubt it holds unbelievable wisdom and power. The sooner you accept the fact that sometimes those you love the most are not going to see things the way you do, then the better off you'll be. I love the famous statement, "I don't know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everybody". That frames it up nicely. At the end of the day we live totally for the glory of God and not for the approval of man. So press on my friend. Don't back down from your anointing.



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