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My 21 Day Challenge

Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

Are you ready?  Ready to do a 21-Day Challenge with me??  So here's the deal.  Plain and Simple.  I have a bad liver.  I very bad liver.  A liver that causes me a whole lot of issues.  This is something I have unknowingly dealt with for many years, but in 2015 it decided to rule my life.  It decided it had...HAD ENOUGH!  Well in 2016, I  have HAD ENOUGH!  When I eat well, I feel bazillion times better.  My liver functions much better and my pain decreases when I am eating as I should.  If I am eating poorly, I feel terrible and my liver causes a multitude of things to shut down.  ANYWAY, with all of this being said, since Thanksgiving, I have fallen off of the "good eating" wagon and I feel terrible. You would think, I would eat very well every day, since I know it is literally "life or death".  Well some days, it's just not that easy!  Not that easy at all.  So, I need all of you to help and hold me accountable.  Below I will list what I will be doing...this is a very simplified version of what my doctors have given I juice everyday...beets...livers love beets.  

And, I would love if any of you would like to join me.  We can kind of be an accountability group. You can write to me in the COMMENTS SECTION or email be ANYTIME!  (

AND...if I can get you to do just one thing it would be to....GET OFF OF SUGAR!!!  It is terrible for you.  

I really do hope you will join me in this "HEALTHIER ME" journey.  THIS BEGINS TOMORROW!  And if you have any comments or questions, please COMMENT BELOW or email email is listed above.


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