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Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

Sorry ladies, I have been away for a week and I had fully intended on blogging while I was gone but like always, once I get in the “throws of work” it doesn’t happen.  Mom, Elizabeth, and I just returned from spending a week in LA.  So excited to tell you all about it…but I can’t…yet.   BUT stay tuned, I’m over the moon about what we’ve got up our sleeves and it will greatly benefit you all.  EEEEK…details coming soon. 

Anyway, just wanted to say hey!  And let you know, I hadn’t forgotten about you!  I’m still trudging through my 21 DAYS…and it was difficult in LA!  And I may or may not of had DIET COKE and a few bites of yummy, world class French toast!!!  Just keeping it real.  I really wish I was a coffee drinker, but I am not.  I think that would be the boost of energy I need!  I’ve told you before, I am a terrible sleeper.  Sleep has been an issue my entire life.  I truly never recall sleeping well.  Age and a hysterectomy/forced menopause has only made it worse.  I stay up way too late, toss and turn all night, get up every few hours, and before I know it, it’s time to get up.  UGGGGHHH!  So yes, many days, I am looking for a jolt of caffeine.  Some days, even an IV to the arm is needed! LOL!  Caffeine and a WHOLE LOTTA JESUS to get through my days, especially these detox days!  My liver is appreciating it though. 

I’ve loved, loved, loved getting all of your emails during this time.  It’s kept me accountable, which is what I need.  Thank you.  Keep asking the questions and sending those emails.  And if I don’t answer right away, just realize, it’s just me!  It’s who I am.  I’ll get to it!  Promise!  Just NEVER take it personal!


RIGHT NOW…I need your help…we are in the midst of planning our SPRING/SUMMER line…what do you want to see??? What do you have the hardest time finding?  You can tell me below or email me  YOU CAN EVEN SEND PICS of stuff you like!  Please help me!  Love your input!

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