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GUEST BLOGGER: Miss Carrsan Bible - well dressed dreamer

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Good evening from Dallas, Texas!!  I hope tonight's blog finds you all doing well.  We are busy in Texas buying for Spring and Summer. Can't wait for you all to see it!  I have touched and inspected every piece, insuring we are bringing you the best we can.  I'll be telling you all about the SPRING TRENDS here soon, but tonight I have someone special who is GUEST BLOGGING~~MISS CARRSAN!!! If you have been in our store, you probably have met Carrsan.  She has worked with us since the beginning, and then the inevitable happened...she left us...for pursue her dream in FASHION.  We are so very proud of her and cannot wait to see God's plan for her life unfold.  This girl is going places!  Tonight she is going to tell you a bit about herself..kinda a meet and greet and on the next blog she will be telling you about her favorite items trending for Spring!  Enjoy Glamour Girls! (don't forget to check out her blog!)
p.s. *You can follow our DALLAS adventures on SNAPCHAT:  Steph Harrison/Glamour Farms
*You can also find some on INSTAGRAM!  So go find us and keep up with what we are up to!  
Hello to the most glamorous of  internet users in the land! My name is Carrsan Bible. It's a delight to meet you, if I haven't yet! You can usually find me running throughout the store, causing havoc & probably making a very organized space an unorganized one. Ammrite, my fabulous coworkers? ;) 
The Garretts/Harrisons/Patridges have been dealing with me all their lives. From spilling nail polish on their floors, leaving numerous messes throughout their houses...the list goes could go on for days, months, years. They've seen "Carrise, Carrsano, Carrs" through every awkward stage -braces, acne, and endless fashion phases-the whole nine yards.You cannot believe how grateful I am that they've kept me around all these years (or maybe, they just decided to embrace the fact that I wasn't going to let them get rid of me). But, man oh man. Words cannot explain how important these human beings are to me. I'm so blessed to be able to call these extraordinary individuals my second family.
I started at Glamour Farms or GF (as i like to call it) right from the get go. I was a shy, slightly awkward,  inexperienced, high school student helping at their first open house in December of 2013. I just thought "hey, why not?" So, I followed Stephanie around, right on the back of her heels (actually, the back of her trendy fringe booties), trying to mimic her amazing styling ability. Little did I know, that night was monumental to my being. It sparked my creative juices, dreams, and passion for fashion. *excuse the cliche' saying*
After about 4 months of "working the floor", dressing the mannequins, and styling women of all ages (thank you to the women who gave me a chance and didn't act thoroughly annoyed when I would throw shirts, shapers, etc at them in dressing rooms), I realized the power of clothing. *POOF* picture me having an epiphany. I understood the foundation that Glamour Farms was built on- serving and styling. It never ceased to amaze me that merely a piece of material could change someone's whole mindset. The rewarding feeling I would get when I picked out an ensemble for a woman and she would look at me with a contagious smile, confidence radiating off of her, gave me all sorts of butterflies (and still does to this day).
Moments such as the one above, inspired me to further my niche for fashion. I created a fashion blog, Basically, a site where I plaster myself all over it. I wear my favorite outfits, express my crazy thoughts, and hopefully provide people with style inspiration, or maybe even a laugh. When I realized that fashion wasn't just a hobby, I made the decision to attend college for fashion merchandising. So, as of now, I'm just trying to chase my dreams and figure out this thing called "life" or "being an adult", you catch my drift? 
Welp, there ya have it, glamour gals! That's essentially me in a nut shell.
I will forever be thankful to Glamour Farms for taking a chance on a dreamer & believing in her, even when she doesn't believe in herself. 

Until next post, stay fabulous.

Don’t stop dreaming-xoxo

~See ya next Wednesday~

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