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A Collaboration Of 2 Bloggers: 2 Different Styles, 1 Great Post

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Yes, we are home.  Finally.  For a few weeks.  For us, this time of the year is full of travel.  It is the bittersweet part of the business.  From the outside traveling seems to be "glamorous" and "fun".... well, I promise you we have fun no matter what we are doing, but the travel gets tiring and the work is overwhelming.  AND WE MISS OUR FAMILIES!  It's hard leaving our babies, but we know it is part of the "job".  We must travel to find you all the latest and greatest styles.  I am a "toucher, feeler, and tryer on-er"!  We have always gone to great lengths to make sure we were only bringing you what we felt was the best of the best.  This Spring is no different only that we have tried even harder!  We just CANNOT wait for you all to see it!  Eeeek!  

We spent a week in Dallas looking at all of the Spring and Summer Trends for 2016. Tonight I am going to go over what we saw in DALLAS as being the biggest Trends 2016.  This will be the first part of this post, in the second part, Miss Carrsan, will go over what trends she is seeing and loving for SPRING!  

SPRING TRENDS 2016:  By Stephanie

Florals were EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING!!!  Absolutely beautiful fabrics. Now, I am not usually a big floral fan, but this is one Trend I am loving this season.  And loving A LOT!  So be prepared to see a lot of Florals...and I mean A LOT!

Lace, lace, and more lace.  At the bottom, all over, in the sleeve, at the cuff, on the shoulder.  It was Lace Overload! :)

They are bringing back the 70's!  We looked at a lot of 70's inspired clothing.  At the top of this trend was Tie-Dyed garments.  Tons of them!  We picked up some really cool pieces that were not overdone.  Nicely understated.

Now this is a trend I tried to introduce last year at Glamour Farms.  Online this trend flew out but in store, they were slow movers.  I think it was a trend that had not come to "this area" yet, but once they hit the Southern Markets, usually our area will be wearing it. So I'm guessing it will be much better received this Upcoming Season! :) 

Every year, the Fashion Industry comes out with a Pantone Color chart.  These are colors that will be big trends for the upcoming season.  Yes, I did see many clothing items in those shades and purchased many, but the other HUGE color trend we saw was BLUE!  All shades of blue!  Beautiful shades of blue!!  Cannot wait for all of the merchandise to come in!

So there you have it!  While we did see other trends, these are the biggest ones we noticed in all of our travels over the past few weeks.  These are the trends we saw over and over.  Now it's Carrsan's turn!  Turn for her to fill you in on her favorite trends for the upcoming season!

SPRING TRENDS 2016:  By Carrsan

Spring, ahhhh. *currently, I'm picturing myself frolicking through a meadow of beautifully blossomed flowers, wearing Spring 2016 Trends* Here are all the spring trends from the runway that caught my attention. Read away. 


Don't Be A Fool, Wear MULES 

PRAISE THE SHOE GODS! It's time to put away the heels & slip into some comfy foot candy! Ok, "foot candy" doesn't sound very appealing...but comfortable flats sound flippin' fantastic! Mules look chic with jeans, dresses, skirts, almost anything your pretty little heart desires.

Walk The LINE

I have a problem. It starts with s and ends in tripes. This classic print is probably 93.2% of my wardrobe. This season you're going to see stripes of all kinds-vertical, diagonal, horizontal, thin, wide- you name it! Alas, thank you Spring 2016 for making it socially acceptable to further my undying love of stripes. 

Little WHITE Lies

*major color alert!* White is going to be a staple in a spring wardrobe, or at least in mine it will. This neutral hue makes outfit possibilities endless. 

Pretty, Pretty, PLEATS Please

Rejoice, rejoice! Pleats are in again. I love a nicely pleated garment. You'll will probably see me twirling around in a midi-length pleated skirt this spring.

Life Is Too Short, Buy The BAG

I don't know what sparked the obsession or maybe I'm just becoming a woman, but a nice handbag can make my heart happier than a freshly brewed- venti Starbucks black iced tea. If you know me, you know that's saying a lot. The hottest finds are the half-moon bag & the bucket bag. They both have a "cool girl" vibe that oozes from its stitching. 


The way to my heart is denim. I mean, if my husband would want to wear a Canadian tuxedo to our wedding...I'd be totally fine with it. Future husband,wherever you are, disregard that statement, I was kidding. But, this spring you will be seeing lightweight denim everywhere. Dresses, skirts, jackets...anything you can dream up. 

Krazy For KNITS

When the chilly air is here, there's no need to fear! Lightweight knits will keep you comfy & cozy on those unexpected cool days. 

Holy SUEDE. The 70's Are Back, Baby!

Break out your bell bottoms because the 1970s are back with a big bang! Suede is one of my favorite aspects of this throwback. 

Glamour Gals, can you dig it? 

So there you have it Glamour Ladies!  A look into SPRING FASHION from two different Stylists!  Tell us...what is your fave trend for the upcoming season?  Here's Mine:  Florals, Shades of Blue, Summer White, and Light Colored Denim.  Now tell me yours!


p.s. Carrsan and I are doing a BIG GLAMOUR FARMS GIVEAWAY!  Make sure you go to Facebook or Instagram to be entered!


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