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A Little About Our Trip To Texas

Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

Hello!  Tonight I am going to give you all a little behind the scenes of our recent trip to Dallas.  Mom, Elizabeth, and I all went to visit the Dallas Apparel Market. Cyndi Spivey, our dear friend and blogger, met us there with her husband Wayne.  Since we do not get to be together very often, we had a lot of work to do, BUT, our promise to Cyndi was if we got all of our work done by Friday, we would go to do something fun.  In the back of my mind, I thought there was no way we would get it all done...BUT WE DID!!!  We worked hard, had all of our meetings, found great merchandise for Spring, and on FRIDAY, went on our DAY TRIP ADVENTURE!!!

Here's a little background...Cyndi does not like to fly, at all.  She convinced Wayne, her super sweet pastor husband to accompany her on this trip.  Now, we all know most husbands would run screaming at the thought of being with 4, talking, visiting, eating, etc., etc.  But, Wayne is a trooper. He has one of the sweetest spirits I've ever met, a true pastor's heart.  We would get up in the mornings, all meet for breakfast, we would leave Wayne at the hotel to work on his upcoming sermons, and we would meet again for supper.  It was an amazing week with the Spivey Duo.  We were so thankful that Wayne came along, we wanted to do something special for him as well as Cyndi.  And, Wayne is a HUGE fan of Chip Gaines, of the HGTV show FIXER UPPER.  On the flip side, Cyndi and I are HUGE fans of Joanna Gaines.  Sooo, off to Waco we went for an adventure.

One thing about Mom, Elizabeth, and I...we like to have fun no matter what we are doing.  I am an adventurous soul, I get it from my mom.  I love to find the "unknown"...I wouldn't say I'm a big risk taker, like jumping out of a plane or ANYTHING like that, but I'm a wanderer, I like to wander and find adventures. Adventures = Memories.  On this day, our adventure was Waco, Texas, the home of Magnolia, the store of Chip and Joanna Gaines.  The minute we pulled into town, we could feel the excitement.  Like kids in a candy store.  I spotted the silos from blocks away...ahhh!  I knew "decorating bliss" was ahead. We were there on a Friday, we had heard that the crowds can be almost unbearable, but luckily for us, it was not bad at all.  It was an absolutely georgous day.  The grounds around Magnolia are immaculate, and make you want to stay and hang out forever.  There are food trucks set up, so you can have lunch at the picnic table area or even play soccer on the beautiful greens that take center stage outside.  And then there are the beautiful gardens full of the most bountiful cabbage I had ever laid eyes on, I could go on and on about the outside perfection of Magnolia, but I'll move inside now.

You walk up a set of stairs and go through 2 glass double doors and enter into the most beautiful perfection of decor (in my opinion) ever.  Joanna has such a God given gift to put items together and so was the case in her store.  I literally wanted one of everything..and luckily for my husband, we were on a plane or I could have been real dangerous.  Not, that we weren't a little did end up having to go to the UPS store on the beautiful campus of Baylor University and have our large purchases shipped a very hefty cost, but hey, we could have done a lot worse!  I wanted soooo much!  "Wanted" being the key word there. Part of my struggle is, with the farmhouse decor look, everything is shades of White and Neutrals.  Which Joanna always uses in her decor.  When we built our home 8 years ago, that was not the trend, at all...just shows how fast trends change!  Everyone is now using shades of grays, light taupes, and whites for their home color palettes, which I love, but if I were to go to this, I would have to change A LOT of things, from furniture to paint colors to decor.  It seems overwhelming.  So, I will stick with what I have and realize this trend too will change in given time.  For now, I will just take what I have an give it my spin on the farmhouse look.  Anyway, on to the inside of much to see and take in. I think I re-walked the entire store like 5-6 times just in pure admiration of it all.  So much to take in, so much dreaming to do. It is somewhere I cannot wait to get back too.

While we were there, we ran into 2 individuals from our area in Illinois...such a very small world.  One lady and her daughter, from Altamont, where visiting for her 50th Birthday.  Another young gentleman (Andrew Donsbach) we ran into, is the son of some of our longtime church friends.  He was in Waco visiting Baylor, which he plans to attend in the Fall where he will be continuing his education.  And, he had just came to Magnolia after watching Chip and Joanna do a FIXER UPPER Reveal!!!  Yep, he was lucky enough to happen upon them revealing the home of the people who will run the Bed and Breakfast.  And, his luck didn't end there...he went to the home of a Pastor of the church he plans to attend while living in Waco, and it's the Pastor or Chip and Joanna's church!  And he met in the Pastor's home, which was the makeover that was airing last week!  SO COOL!!! And I really don't think Andrew cared near as much as we did!  We felt like he was celebrity status!  lol!  

Finally, it was time to end our visit to Magnolia, we still had a lot of "adventuring" to do.  They literally drug me out kicking and screaming. I seriously would have lived inside the store if they would have let me!  Not even kidding you.  After we left Magnolia, we went across town to visit, Harp Design Co., the business of the uber-talented, Clint Harp.  Clint has the gift of taking recycled and reclaimed wood, usually found pieces, and creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.  His shop was full of neat items, and although we did not see him, he was there working in the back of the shop and could hear him work.  And his home, that was featured on Fixer Upper was right next door. 

Our adventure continued to the BEAUTIFUL campus of Baylor University, where we had to visit the UPS Store to send all of our treasures home.  And just two buildings away from the UPS Store, was the Common Grounds Coffee Shop, which if you are an avid follower of Fixer Upper, you know this is the Coffee Shop of their friends, Kimberly and Blake, whose home was also featured on the show.  This was such a sweet little coffee shop and the kids working were even sweeter.  

After leaving the coffee shop, Cyndi and I both had decided we needed something else from back we went.  At this point is was closing time, and the crowd was non-existent.  But, do you know what WAS there?  All of the new merchandise they were carrying out to get ready for the next day!  I forgot to tell you my favorite part to Magnolia, the back half...this is where all of the SALES are and it even has the items they use to STAGE the houses with for a very discounted price.  HEAVEN!!!  Again, Cyndi had to drag me out, and yes, it was closing time.

Now, somewhere in our day, someone had told us if you want to see Chip and Joanna, you should eat at their favorite restaurant.  We have no shame, we had supper there.  And while, it was very good, we had no Chip or Joanna siting.  So, I decided to do a little investigative work.  A gift I have.  And I found what I was looking for...their home address.  SO, we left Waco and headed to Crawford, Texas (which is also the home of George Bush).  It was dark by this point, so I'm not sure what we were thinking, but we went anyway...and we found it!  AND... they were outside in the truck.  AND...there was a gate.  To keep crazies like me out of.  I so badly wanted to push the buzzer buy Cyndi was about ready to DIE! So, I got back into the car and we drove off, and headed to McGregor, Texas, which houses the newly finished Magnolia Bed and Breakfast.  And was where Chip and Joanna had been earlier that day filming the reveal of the home that sits directly behind the Bed and Breakfast.  The Magnolia B&B sits on a quiet little corner and looks beautiful, little, and quaint.  It has yet to open, but is supposed to be very soon!

Here is their home in Crawford, was much easier to see that in my picture, but you get the idea!

Here is The Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast in McGregor, Texas

And here is the home directly behind the B&B that they had filmed the revealing of that day.  This is the caretakers home of the B&B

So there you have it, our day visiting Waco, Texas and surrounding areas.  That is every area we thought Chip or Joanna might be.  Now that I type it out, it seems a bit over the top and stalk-ish, but at the time, it seemed perfectly normal and the right thing to do!  I am sure they would have loved to meet us!  They just didn't know it.  There's always a next time....until then, Goodnight.

Love and Many Blessings,

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  • Just finished our 2 days at Magnolia Farms and Harp Designs and some of the homes and the B&B. I am like a kid onbtheir first day at Disney. Loved it all and will be forever grateful to my awesome hubbt for making my dream come true. I am still giddy as a little kid.

    Barb Langston on

  • Hi! I have a few questions!! We are traveling to Waco soon and would love to ride past Chip and Jo’s farmhouse. Could you please share the address and favorite restaurant!!! Please!! Thank you!

    Jennifer Lee on

  • Wonderful article about your trip to Waco! Loved all the pictures & details. Could you please pass along the Gaines farmhouse address & favorite restaurant. My husband is taking me in 2 weeks for our 43 anniversary. I just can’t wait!! Thank you SO much.

    Mary on

  • Hi!!! I’m also just wondering if you’d pass along the address to their farmhouse? We are in Waco for a girls trip and can’t find the address anywhere!

    Baylee on

  • Do you people have no shame? Anyone can find Chip and Joanna’s home address on the Internet if you do a bit of digging… But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! They give us all so much joy with their wonderful TV show and even offer us glimpses into their personal life with their family. That should be enough; stalkerish behavior like this will soon force them out of their lovely farm home!

    Louise on

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