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Chin up. Chin down. Move your bangs back.  Step slightly to the left.  Move right. Your bra strap is showing.  Girls in navy switch places.   Not you Kortney, you’re wearing green.

If you could have been a “fly on the wall” at our recent Spring Photoshoot, these are all of the comments you would have heard…plus many more.  Things can get pretty funny on these LONG DAYS!  Monday we had a HUGE photoshoot for our Spring Line…we also added in St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and 132 New I said it was a HUGE DAY!  This was a first for us, not first big photo shoot, but first time of so many different shoots in one day. Usually we would have done each one on it’s own day.  But in usual GF Fashion, we did it BIG and made the decision to do it BIG just this past Thursday.  We were sitting in meeting and realized we were up against some strict timelines and it had to happen…like on Monday.  Which for mom and I is no biggie.  We roll with the punches fairly well and both work best under pressure…where we are both most creative.  Now, Elizabeth (my sister/co-owner) does not work best this way.  When we said on Thursday that our biggest Photoshoot of all times needed to be on Monday, her brakes came on.  She immediately looked like deer in the headlights.  She’s your typical Type A to a T!  And these type of quick planning jobs can stress her a bit…but once she got over the shock of it all, she jumped on board and away we went with planning.  Here’s a run down of how it all came together: On Friday we toured the venue, Friday night mom and I (and my girls) drove to St. Louis and loaded the Suburban down with all of the needed props for Monday (luckily we did set design in the past), got home at 2am, worked Saturday, Sunday had the models spray tanned and prepped, and Monday, by 7:30am, we were on our way to Photoshoot Spring 2016! Phew, that exhausted me just writing it all!  And that’s just the “Prior To Photoshoot” stuff that had to happen!  Now a little behind the scenes look into our Shoot:

The day begins with unloading the big BG Box Truck (our other family business) full of items for the day:  clothing, shoes, props, camera, lights, food, drinks, makeup, hair supplies, ladder, you get the picture!  After that we go to hair and makeup.  Elizabeth is in charge of hair and I do the makeup.  While this was happening, mom and our media team went full force into setting up the first photo scene of the day.  And from then on the day consists of :  lots of different photo set ups, a thousand clothing changes, making sure the girls coordinate and scenes look best they can, tons of laughter, food, music, lots of creative energy and so much more.  It was a VERY LONG DAY, but so enjoyable nonetheless.  I enjoy these types of days, they take me back to my years as a drama teacher…photoshoots are like plays, lots of set changes and costume changes, and storytelling.   Love it! 

I cannot wait for you all to see them…the clothes for Spring are BEAUTIFUL!  Monday was the first day I got to see them and really “take them in”.  The colors and styles are spot on and the fits are even better.  I cannot tell you how passionate I am about the way clothing fits and feels.  We go to GREAT LENGTHS to make sure we are bringing you the very best we can, while keeping the price down and I think we have nailed it for SPRING 2016!  I am so excited for you all to see the new merchandise…which is arriving daily.  TONS OF IT!  Our UPS Driver, Chris, probably wishes it would slow down!  But he never complains!  Just delivers the bazillion boxes with a smile.  Anyway, cannot wait for SPRING!  Watch the website,, you will see it all in the NEW ARRIVALS!  And Curvy girls, we are working hard for you!  Looking for the best fitting CURVY we can find!  You know I have a huge HEART for this area of clothing. 


Take a look at some of the “behind the scenes” shots from our shoot.  Enjoy!

Love and Many Blessing ~Until Next Week,


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