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Someone I Would Like You To Meet: My Sister, Elizabeth

Posted by Stephanie Harrison on

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning, you have learned quite a bit about me...but there are more people that I want you to get to know.  First up is my "little" sister Elizabeth.  She is also one of the owners at Glamour Farms.  Elizabeth is the "TECHY" one of the 3 of us.  She is also the one who takes all of our beautiful photography.  And no she is not a photographer.  She has worked very hard to train herself to do photography...and I think she has trained herself very well!  

Elizabeth was the hesitant one when it came to starting Glamour Farms.  She does not jump with both feet in as mom and I do.  She's a bit more methodological with her life decisions.:) When mom and I went on our first buying trip for Glamour Farms we kept calling her and trying to convince her that she really would love it and needed to be a part of our new LIFE ADVENTURE!    Well long story short, she came on board (thankfully) and the rest is history.  She loves it and is also very passionate about Glamour Farms.


My full name is:  Elizabeth Nikole Patridge

My nickname is:  Liz, Garrett, Giz, E, Bitty, Half-pint, E-Pat (I have a lot haha!)

My family consists of:  Keith (husband/married 10 years), Garrett (age 8), Ava (age 7), and Halle (age 4)

I live in:  Flora (wow...that was weird!  We just moved)

My role at Glamour Farms:  My main role is photographer, website, and anything else techy.  I do other odds and ends things too.  We all wear MANY HATS!

The best part about my job is:  God allowing me the opportunity to work with my mom and my sister to build, dream, create, and bring our DREAMS to reality.  I also absolutely love our employee family and our customers.  We are "people" people.  We (mom, Steph, and I) all genuinely LOVE people.

I'm inspired by:  My immediate family.  They allow me to dream and achieve my dreams. They inspire me to be a loving and hard working mom; one that they all look up to.

I never leave my house without:  my cell phone, Yeti, lipgloss, and my purse

My favorite snack is:  Anything that involves ice cream!!!

On the weekend you'll probably find me:  Working in my home office, at church, playing with my kiddos or at "that seasons" sporting event.  Our son plays football, travel baseball, and basketball while our middle daughter competes in tumbling.

My favorite movie of all time is:  Parent Trap--old and new one :)

If calories didn't count everyday I would eat: Dairy Queen Turtle Blizzard...YUMM-O!!!

My theme song is:  for King & Country--"Shoulders"

If I could wear only one color everyday for the rest of my life, it would be:  On the account that this would be on my entire body...I'm forced to day Black :)  but I do love navy and purple!!!

If I were stranded somewhere for the rest of my life, and it could not be at home, I would want it to be:  ON A BEACH--of course with my family!

My best quality would be:  that I LOVE organization and people

The quality I would like to change about myself would be:  That my "strong" headedness would remain dormant and allow me to get what I am saying and meaning out in a "team" way.  Sometimes I tend to come off wrong but I am really working on this.

My "must have" item at Glamour Farms is:  The Elizabeth Skinny--go figure, right...haha! And I cannot forget the Ahh-Mazing Tank Shapers.  I would never do life without them!

What Glamour Farms means to me:  Glamour Farms means family, hard-work, rewarding, challenging, joyful, stressful, fun, and lots of buildings...hehe!

I LOVE:  My family, Jesus Christ, organization, ice cream, and people/relationships

Favorite Verse:  Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everthing.  Tell God what you need, and thank HIM for all he has done.  Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.  His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:  6-7

Love and Many Blessings, 
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