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Someone I Would Like You To Meet: Our Mom, Pam

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Hello Glamour Girls!  I hope you are all having a fabulous week. Since we spoke last, we have all celebrated Easter.  Ours was a day of rest, quality family time, and celebration of The Risen King.  It was a very good day.  I cherish days we all get to gather around the table and visit as a family.  

If you follow our Snapchat (Glamour Farms Boutique), you know we colored Easter Eggs with the kids on Friday Night. This is a tradition that almost did not happen, due to many unforeseen events on Friday.  Nana Pam was not too happy about this!  This is a tradition she looks forward to every year and Elizabeth and I almost blew it!  But in "true us" fashion, we came through and colored Easter Eggs at 9 p.m. Friday night.  And fun was had by all and Nana Pam was happy as a lark with her grandkids and the tradition that continued.  

Speaking of Nana Pam, this leads me to tonight's next one in our "Getting To Know Me" Series.  Mom, as I prefer to call her, is the one who keeps everything running at Glamour Farms.  She is the business side and manager of employees. Mom is the one who got me out of my comfort zone and helped me make the JUMP into my lifelong dream of running a family business.  It is something we had talked about FOR YEARS!  And one day in October, she was tired of talking.  She said "get packed, we are leaving for Atlanta today". And I am dead serious, that's how it all began.  And the rest is history.

Mom is one of the hardest workers I know.  She will work until she can no longer stand and then work some more.  She does not like to be in the limelight at all and would be just as happy always working "unpacking boxes" as doing anything. Mom is a person who is often misunderstood.  Being that she is such a hard worker and very determined, this leaves little room for "down time", which can make her seem a bit "grumpy" to some. Her head is always going 100 mph with what needs to happen next.  She is fiery. She's a Neal, it's what makes them special. :)

BUT this same "grumpy" lady (said with the very most love) is one of the biggest-hearted, giving, creative, FUN, funny, beautiful, loves her grandchildren more than life itself, family advocate, CUSTOMER LOVING, God Fearing women I know and I am very proud to call her MY MOM.  My inspiration.  My role model.  The one who makes me want to do everything 110% and then go a little more.

We would not be where we are without her.  Like I've said 1,000 times...Glamour Farms success largely comes from what the 3 of us bring to the table.  We are 3 strong minded women, with 3 very different gifts, which makes it all work very well.  

**Here's a little inside note into who she is, and she's gonna kill me for this.  hehe! She DID NOT want to do this blog post for me.  In fact she was a pain in the rear about it.  At one point, she tossed it back at me and said she refused to fill it out. She said no one needed to know about her, she's not that important, blah, blah, blah.  After much harassing from Elizabeth and I, she finally got the paper filled out.  She is a fiery one I tell ya! BUT WE LOVE HER COMPLETELY!  So here is is....enjoy! :)


Full Name:  Pamela Jo Garrett

Nickname:  Nana, Granny Glamour Farms, Pammy Jo, Granny GF

Family: Marty (husband), Stephanie (Wade, Lexi, Maggie), Elizabeth (Keith, Garrett, Ava, Halle) Mimi, Toni, Tilda, and Torunn.

I Live In:  Louisville

Prior To Glamour Farms I:  Worked for John Zink for 21 years.

My Role At Glamour Farms:  Process organization, Employee management, Oversee all operations

The Best Part About My Job:  Working with my daughters, building a business for our family and working with the AMAZING ladies, called employees, but we call them Family

I'm Inspired By:  The women who work at Glamour Farms and their deep desire to see Glamour Farms succeed and their drive to serve our customers with excellence.

I Never Leave Home Without:  My watch

My Favorite Snack:  Diet Coke

On The Weekend You'll Find Me:  At the Store on Saturday and Church on Sunday.  And after that taking a nice Sunday afternoon nap.

My Favorite Movie:  Wedding Date

If Calories Didn't Count, I would eat Everyday:  Snickers!

My Theme Song:  "What A Wonderful World"

If I Could Wear One Color Everyday For The Rest Of My Life:  It would be BLACK

If I Were Stranded Somewhere For The Rest Of My Life, And It Was Not At Home, It Would Be:  Seagrove, Florida

My Best Quality Would Be:  (Hard Worker, Giving, God Fearing) answered by Steph

The Quality I Would Like To Change About Myself:  I am often misunderstood and I come off wrong to people.  I do not like this and I wish I could change this.  But with age I'm learning I am who I am and we all need to love each other for how we are.  The good and the bad.

My "Must Have" Item At Glamour Farms:  Ahh-Mazing tank and Tummy Tuck Leggings

What Glamour Farms Means To Me:  God's ability to turn lemons into lemonade during a very rough time in our family 3 years ago.

I LOVE:  My family.


With Love and Many Blessings,

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