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sku17585 | Anti-Spill CouchCoaster - Black

sku17585 | Anti-Spill CouchCoaster - Black

  • Description

    Brand: HIT Products

    The ultimate drink holder for movie lovers, man cave lovers and TV fanatics!!
    CoachCoaster is designed to wrap over armrests measuring at least 5.5" wide with flat to gently sloping sides.
    Alternatively, you can lay it horizontally, tuck it between seat cushions and pillows or drape it over the back-rest of any upholstery.

    ⁕ Caters to a wide variety of mugs, cups, flasks and tumblers up to 90mm
    ⁕ Adjustable, removable adaptor for smaller drinks up to 70mm
    ⁕ Prevents knocks, spills and stains
    ⁕ Store phones, remotes and other misc items